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Brakes Caused The Crash

Bethany12012-08-13 00:17:07 +0000 #1
I picked up my Mamba yesterday from the LBS. First thing I did after getting home was to check the brakes. Nothing. Hit the brakes and you keep rolling down the road, just slower. LBS said he'd looked at the brakes but apparently didn't ride it.

Nice to know I'm not totally crazy. I look at some YouTube videos and talked to the guys over at a mountain bike forum. I took out the pads, cleaned them and the rotor and adjusted everything back. Brakes work better, but not enough to ride. It needs some more expert ability than what I have at the moment.

LBS said he could get to it in 3 didn't even fix mine and now i don't trust you. I called up the shop I bought my Mukluk from and he said to bring it in tomorrow. He's only a week behind and if it's an easy fix to get done tomorrow, great and if it's not, I'll be up in a couple of weeks to pick it up.

Nice to know I only partly suck..not totally.
shootingstar2012-08-13 00:19:04 +0000 #2
That's pretty sick and irresponsible of a bike shop not to check brakes when you asked.

I would tell your local cycling friends about this incompetence.



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