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My shifters suck forestbiker2012-05-07 11:12
Title says it all. My shifters are so bad, I can't believe how bad they are. I have to push and p
crankset change & BB compatibility Miranda2012-05-04 09:11
I'm thinking about switching out my double compact crankset (Shimano Ultergra grey 50/34) to a stand
Another bar-end shifter question Hartmame2012-04-30 18:20
Starting to do the bar-end instillation and notice that these are not the same shifters in the you t
Schwalbe Marathon Tires BodhiTree2012-04-25 02:17
My current tires haven't had a puncture over 4 years of use, but they are getting old and worn. The
Tire has slow leak... outdoorsgurl2012-04-24 21:24
The front tire of my mountain bike has a slow leak. I can pump it up and ride for hours but the next
Barend Shifters Hartmame2012-04-23 12:24
I'm building up a Surly Long Haul Trucker and I'm to the part where I install the barend shifters.
Stiff Chain Link clarousel2012-04-21 17:23
Hi all, I found out I have a stiff chain link today and I'm not sure how to go about fixing it.
My v-brakes suck goldfinch2012-04-15 16:22
I thought about hijacking Harmame's thread, but I was good and am starting my own. I can't stand th
V-brakes and drop bars Hartmame2012-04-15 15:18
I'm putting v-brakes on my Surly LHT. I have the topeak levers but don't I need barrel adjusters in
Cleaning Routine clarousel2012-04-10 16:18
Would like to know how you clean your bikes. I'm wondering if the wash and lube method is sufficient
Tire replacement quandary PamNY2012-04-09 15:16
I'm getting ready to sell my first bike. It's a well-used Trek 7200 (not fx) so the price will be lo
Cable wonkiness Owlie2012-04-07 17:15
I tried the barrel adjusters today to address some of the derailleur problems I've been having. It
New Pedals and cleats Night rider2012-03-28 23:16
Why can nothing be simple...I have been riding for about 6 months and do on average 70 miles a week
stored road tires meganm2012-03-26 11:14
I bought some Conti GP 4000 tires on sale 2 years ago, and never used them. They are still in the o
Replacing Gears Big Rabbit2012-03-24 17:24
So that I could write intelligently, I checked my Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair which my husband g
Front derailleur, or warped chainring? Owlie2012-03-23 16:25
I've finally figured out how to adjust my front derailleur, but I'm running into problems: If I'm in
Repair stand Melalvai2012-03-23 05:22
A few years ago I built a repair stand using instructions from an article in Bicycling Magazine. The
Do you use winter-tires? Susan2012-03-20 03:20
I used to use the "Schwalbe Snow Stud" in winter, but on my new bike, it won't fit. It has a narrow
Continental Tire Problems Dogmama2012-03-19 04:11
The webbing on the outside of my almost brand new conti's is falling off! Is this a cosmetic issue
Fastener kits with a bit of everything? KnottedYet2012-03-16 20:12
Looking for a fastener kit (various bolts, nuts, washers) to keep in my bike parts bin. Somethi
Gearing Differences/Ratios? Bethany12012-03-16 15:22
After getting my Salsa Fargo I realized the gear ratios are really different from my Madone and it's
Suggest a light, please. MomOnBike2012-03-10 17:17
OK, here is my problem: I have a lovely mixte with a basket on the front. She is my commuter, b
SRAM power link Catrin2012-02-26 17:15
Wooot! I took my SRAM chain off the bike for the very first time - even got this snazzy tool to help
Tight Tires Roadtrip2012-02-24 08:26
Anyone else have trouble with really tight tires when trying to get the bead set after changing a fl
Front derailleur problem Sardine2012-02-21 13:22
I'd be grateful for some advice. I've been having a problem with the front derailleur of my touring
Best chain lubricant - WD40? jyyanks2012-02-20 17:25
I bought a new bike for my son on craigslist and want to grease up the chain a little. Someone at w
how do you make a chain stiff? Melalvai2012-02-19 11:21
I know how to loosen a stiff chain, but what if you want to make a chain stiff on purpose? I have an
Daughter's chain fell off jyyanks2012-02-18 19:13
I'm a newbie and a total idiot when it comes to bike repair. My daughter and I rode about 12 miles
Deflating a tire with a broken valve OakLeaf2012-02-14 23:21
I haven't tried yet, and I'm probably imagining it's going to be much harder than it is in reality.
Saved by the $2.00 Seat Post Bolt Sky King2012-02-06 16:23
My DH is my hero But first to back up. Our daughter was visiting and we seem to be short on comp
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