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$30 bike stand Melalvai2010-04-28 09:02
I actually found a useful article in Bicycling magazine! Usually I read Bike Snob's article and then
Learning wheel trueing tzvia2010-04-28 07:40
Anybody here tried their hand at wheel trueing? I got to thinking about it after a ride last
The joy of fixing a bike :) lph2010-04-28 07:53
I finally realized that the key to getting my winter bike fixed up again was time and comfort... wre
How to Videos BikeShopGirl2010-04-28 09:50
Slowly over at : I'm building up a collection of how to vi
tips and/or tricks for stubborn tires??? IvonaDestroi2010-04-28 08:07
Sooo I felt like a complete retard not being able to put on my new duro tires onto my bike without
Tire recommendation kermit2010-04-28 07:43
I have been spending a fair amount of time on the trainer these days. On the weekends I can get out
Tube Sizes? pumpkinpony2010-04-28 07:56
I just bought some new tires at the LBS that were on sale... When I got home I noticed they are a di
Tektro V-brake Not Re-centering After Braking wackyjacky12010-04-28 07:15
Can someone explain to me how to fix my front brake? It doesn't center itself after braking, and th
Chain slow when pack pedaling Ana2010-04-28 13:29
When I'm doing regular maintenance, my chain is often reluctant and choppy when I back pedal (bike i
Need help diagnosing a tire problem PamNY2010-04-28 06:59
I changed my first flat a few days ago. All went well, but now there seems to be a bulge (or somethi
How important is a tire gauge? PamNY2010-04-28 11:24
The gauge stopped working on my Joe Blow, and I'm wondering if I can just pump by feel without any d
Chain fell off... (first time) Catrin2010-04-28 08:22
The weather seemed not too bad to practice riding this afternoon, so after lunch I changed clothes,
Replacing a wheel -- am I ordering all the right parts? nico demouse2010-04-28 10:51
I have a new (to me) mountain bike that was a gift from a friend. It is missing the front wheel.
Front Derailleur clamp sizes - can they be converted? malaholic2010-04-28 08:22
I'm thinking of buying a new frame here soon and building it out with some of the components I alrea
Shimano Flight Deck bici pc Miranda2010-04-28 09:15
Selling my old bike and I would like to get my Flight Deck off of it. I have my owner's manual, but
Cantilever brakes Catrin2010-04-28 08:25
My new LHT has cantilever brakes, and I noticed when I got it home that there isn't an obvious way t
Fixing the old bike cate2010-04-28 07:42
Learning along the way. I read as much as I can before I do something, but there's always some littl
Fixing the old bike cate2010-04-28 09:26
Learning along the way. I read as much as I can before I do something, but there's always some littl
Cost Conundrum, from a beginner. Katiebikes2010-04-28 08:29
Hi all, So, I'm pretty new to cycling (started last Nov after 10 years as a runner; diagnosed w
Tektro Brake Lever question Catrin2010-04-28 06:37
I've a question about my Tektro brake levers on my LHT. Does anyone know if they are adjustable in o
Cassette compatibility nscrbug2010-04-28 08:13
I'm thinking of swapping out my 12-25 cassette for an 11-28, because I really struggle with hill cli
Shift it up tharley2010-04-28 06:44
I have a Raleigh 2008 Venture: Comfo
Touring brake lever question Chicken Little2010-04-28 06:26
I want to get rid of the auxiliary brake levers on my handlebars- the ones for braking when you are
Seat sliding down PamNY2010-04-28 07:09
The seatpost on my bike will not stay where I put it. I had a Pinhead security thingie put on it, an
Chain cleaning challenged Catrin2010-04-28 06:54
I got my first bike in December, and my LBS told me how to take care of the chain. 1 drop of lube pe
Avid Elixir Pistons are Stuck! katherine2010-04-28 06:22
The pistons on my rear break, (Avid Elixir's) are stuck out. I tried to push them back in with a fl
wheelbuilding lph2010-04-28 12:29
Any wheelbuilders here? I have two wobbly rear wheels, and a penchant to learn how to build my own.
replacing machined bearings in hubs lph2010-04-28 10:27
Hiya all, I have a wobbly rear wheel on my road bike that needs fixing. Since I know very littl
Trekking bars/mountain shifters Catrin2010-04-28 06:52
I've been told that Trekking bars will take mountain bike shifters - is this correct? I've not given
tensioning a wheel - spokes are stuck lph2010-04-28 10:10
No, it isn't mine (thank G-d!) Since I've borrowed a tensiometer and was planning to check an
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