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Big Oven Wanted!!!! 604boi2011-04-25 02:23
Hey Guys, I'm looking for an oven that someone is not using perhaps just some old one sitting i
3M Vinyl Wrapping? allenfan2011-04-24 18:13
Well I want to consider wrapping my green ZX6R with matte white vinyl but I am afraid that rocks and
Replacing the clutch lever eternity3022011-04-22 19:14
I'm not sure if anyone ever posted this but I did a quick search, and everyone seem to have successf
Looking for recomendations - good paint repair shop Mechanic2011-04-22 16:25
A bike fell against my ST1300 and damaged the paint on one of the panniers. ICBC has OK'd a repair
Monday, all day dumb post of the week Pee Wee2011-04-22 14:14
Guy phone's in and books a service, say's the brakes are not working well. Haven't worked well in mo
Suzuki Exhaust dasein2011-04-21 02:18
hey, does anyone know if the Suzuki Ti can 18g1 has a catalytic converter in it, or is it the light
mechanic OOPS2011-04-20 21:25
anyone know a mobile mechanic?
re-spring, re-valve 2009 R1.. need some clarification.. bacchus402011-04-19 07:19
aight so i'll jump right into it.. i recently fell into a pretty good deal on a set of OHLINS
Plastic filler? Batan2011-04-18 23:15
Can anybody recommend plastic filler for bodywork? Meaning something to use instead of bondo with fl
3M clear vinyl canuckerstone2011-04-17 20:17
I'm looking for somewhere locally to buy 3M vinyl paint protection film. This is the stuff gene
Yamaha Maxim Question Help Chillbais2011-04-17 05:42
I have a friend who just received an older Yamaha maxim. The bike is in wicked nice shape for it's y
RAM mounts Sikorsky2011-04-17 04:18
Is there anyplace in the lower mainland that stocks the RAM Stem mount system? No, not PeeWee's Satu
muffler mod question Colt2011-04-17 04:17
Hello, I know this sorta thing has been asked before, but I have a slightly different set up compare
Anyone know a good dyno tuner in/around Vancouver? jtreasure2011-04-16 04:21
Hey everybody, I just got a new Power Commander for my 2005 Suzuki SV 1000s with slip on Carbo
A stupid post about a stupid mod for a stupid Z1000. HasJuice2011-04-15 03:23
Hi. Does anyone know if a compact undertail exists for the Z1000?(2011 model) I'm not talking
02 gixer 750 OOPS2011-04-15 02:21
bikes been really good went to start it up today and nothing happens but a whinning noise from my fu
Friend of mine has a 2005 ZX6R 636 Sinned2011-04-14 22:20
He needs to top up the coolant level and indicates that it seems impossible to get to. Anyone h
How bad is it.........? mgmtgal012011-04-14 06:19
I got the c28 code, diagnosed it, and am now waiting for a new ECU (EVERYTHING else works just fine
New muffler on the Whip,custom meanr62011-04-14 00:23
So me and my buddy( couple beers too) modified a stock exhaust from the newer gen R6 to fit the prev
US imported bikes MPH/KPH conversion wigo2011-04-13 05:21
Hi guys. Just curious if the speedometer on say a US imported 2008 CBR comes with an adjustment to d
2009 Ninja 250 won't idle.... Human2011-04-13 05:12
Hi, Took my wife's 250 ninja out of "winter"...had gone in in November, done the fuel stabilize
s1000rr Clutchless shifting mikethebike2011-04-12 23:21
My S1000rr has clutchless shifting assistance. I read the manual, did some research online, nothing
Diagnose my power problems? glib2011-04-12 05:16
2006 FZ6, purchased last summer with 7k on the odo. Did 8000km on it last summer with zero problems,
Possibly Stripped Oil Drain Plug? chris_dee2011-04-12 00:22
Alright well i just did my oil change everything went well, took off the side fairings for ease of a
Bike wont Start Optician2011-04-11 20:16
My bike is dead ! I didn't winterize m
need to shorten my exhaust michaelplawson2011-04-08 04:22
ok so here is the skinny i have just bought a it for my 09 cbr600, it has a yosh aftermarket pipe o
Flushed & bled my front brake, still sucks. bcgrown2011-04-07 22:23
The bike is a 1980 Honda CB400T, and it's been sitting for about 2 years in a warm, dry underground
Octane Rating matters? mmca2011-04-07 05:15
Hi guys, I got a question on octane rating. So according to the manual the minimum recommended
Any advice on hydraulic clutch? foxrace2011-04-06 22:23
So I have been looking at the Magura hydraulic clutch kit to convert the cable to hydro. Any othe
Spoked-Wheel Tire Mounting Green_Goblin2011-04-06 00:19
Hey guys I'm fairly new to bikes and was wondering if anyone knew of a good place to get tires
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