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carb/fuel issues on an 02 R6

syncro2010-05-22 02:39:08 +0000 #1
so i've got an 02 R6 and one long story short the bike is realtively new to me, about 5 weeks. since i've had it i've noticed that between 3K and 6Krpm the bike hesitates/surges once it's fully warm. also at around 9-10K rpm the power drops off a bit. i originally thought it might be due to the fact that i was running the stock exhaust on a bike that had been jetted with an aftermarket (MIG) pipe. i was running the stock exhaust b/c the MIG was getting repaired. i reasonably thought that once the MIG pipe went back on the bike would run a bit smoother.

Mr.Sushi ya ha fixed the pipe for me and when we put it back on he said it sounded like the carbs needed to be cleaned or sync'd as it didn't sound crisp at idle or when you cranked it up. that made sense to me with the hesitation/surging issues i was having too. well over the past five rides or so since putting the MIG back on i've noticed the issue getting a bit worse. this could also be due to the fact that i'm starting to open up my riding a bit more as well but i'd say it's more the bike getting worse.

i have an appt booked on tue at motoconcepts in n.van to get the carbs cleaned and sync'd. they said it should only take a couple hours and they could have it back to me in the afternoon if i drop it off in the morning.

this past fri tho i decided to call EMS after hearing a bunch of you singing their praises about the good work they do. when i talked to ted and explained the problem he said it sounded like it needed more than just a simple clean/sync. he told me to call (forget the name of the damn shop) soandso out in richmond to get it dynoed and the exhaust gas analyzed to figure out what's really going on as maybe the needles need to be adjsted.

so i called the shop and they pretty much confirmed what he said. tho they recommended i get a tune done first (incl spark plugs) and then get it dynoed to see what's going on. they said they'd need me to leave it with them for 3-4 days tho to get it all sorted out and i'm planning to ride to whistler this weekend for a buddy's wedding

all in i should expect the bill to be around 5-6 hun, money i don't really have right now. was hoping to just get the dyno/carb adjust done and be on my merry way.

should i bother doing the tune myself clean carbs/airbox and plugs or just let the shop deal with it all.

any suggestions on what might be going on besides what been said to me so far? i'm hoping that i might get lucky with a lower cost solution to my problem like it may only be that the airbox is dirty and needs to be cleaned.

kind of a long post and i realize i've been asking lots a queston since i've been here lately but there's just seems to be so many helpful and knowledgeable people here that this is pretty much the first place i turn to for help.



ps - i'm a carpenter and personal trainer by trade (weird combo, i know) and and would like to do a labour trade if that's possible or if anyone is interested. i'll go 2for1 on a labour trade, i'll give you two hours of my time for every one of yours.

smokeshow812010-05-22 02:46:09 +0000 #2
dude seriously, new plugs, pop the carbs off, and inspect/clean them. You will know right away what the issues are (some of them) and you'll have the bike running at a good base to get all that other stuff you want done.

carb cleaner - 8bux x2

Seafoam engine cleaner - 8bux 1can

Compressed air

spark plugs - 5bux each

do it... cheap and she'll ride like a new bike.
syncro2010-05-22 03:18:29 +0000 #3
thanks mang.

i've got all the tools i need to do it (cept a sync too) and am not intimidated by it at all - just a lack of specific knowledge. i'm at a point right know where the bike doesn't have to run perfect, just a bit smoother than what it is now. i've got the factory service manual as well but it's always nice to have someone who's been down the road before tell you about it as well. come the spring i'll be able to get into the shop for a more detailed service.
syncro2010-05-22 03:17:03 +0000 #4
well after talking to a couple more shops i'm gonna give the carbs a go myself.

last shop i talked to where i'm gonna take the bike for service down the road said a proper cleaning involves taking the carbs off the bike and take about an hour per carb to do it right. he didn't seem inpressed with the idea of cleaning the carbs on the bike. after a couple quick checks he figures that the #1 cylinder is sucking air based on the way the bike came off of revs down to idle and at idle the exhaust manifold pipe for #1 was cold compared to the others. so pssibly a vacuum leak or the plug isn't firing.

it's possible there may be other issues but after checking the bike he said plugs/carb cleaning and sync are the places to start.

so by sat afternoon i'll either have a smooth running bike, have eliminated a bunch of stuff and still have some issues to sort out or have a pile of parts in the living room that i'm trying to figure out how to put back together.
Fawn2010-05-22 03:11:48 +0000 #5

Originally Posted by syncro

well after talking to a couple more shops i'm gonna give the carbs a go myself.

Just a warning...expect like a full hour just to get to the plugs yourself the first time. Also the plugs are $18.99 just for reg plug, each, and are a rare plug (dual electrode), if its the same as the 00 and I think it is. So make sure you can find them, they might need to be ordered. Also be very careful taking out the coils and putting them back.

The carbs are a bitch to get on and off on that bike. You will need a long 3.5 allen to reach down from the steering stem side to undo clamps 2 and 3. 1 and four you can access from the access panel in the frame. Also you will have to plug off the carb pre-heating line from the rad that pumps coolant along the bank. And it is hard to get them back on, too. Don't expect to be able to synch without an aux fuel tank setup.

Good luck!
Kwota2010-05-22 03:56:05 +0000 #6
yep 99-02 are the same. i used to have a 00. check your air filter too but it sounds like it could have a bad plug in cylinder 1. start with the plugs, air filter clean, and an oil change and yes the r6 plugs are expensive special ones that you apparently need to replace with like kind as the motor rev's so high.

at least you'll know then by swapping out your plugs if you have to dive into the carbs and fiddle with jetting.

a lot of guys with that generation of r6 had coil issues as well, so that #1 cylinder might have a bad coil.

check for a lot more r6 info



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