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bobkat2010-05-29 04:23:59 +0000 #1
Don't know if any of your dudes have installed a set of SPA clocks. Tacho output doesn't work for the old suzukis (early '80's), these have to go direct to the coil. RED wire coil (black/y), BLACK to ground, GREEN/Y to ground as well. In the settings you have to set cylinders to "2".

Awfully trick piece of kit. 1/4 mile time, top everything memory, acceleration timings, 3 shift lights, red or blue needle and back light and electronic speedo. I put one on this bike last year for the owner. I have since bought the bike back off him and made some changes.

painted top triple and clipons black (they were polished), took out the ignition (didn't want the keys messing up my new paint job) and made new mounting so the tacho sits much deeper into the fairing and glass. I think it looks pretty trick.

Video From YouTube:(link)




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