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VFR wont start after tank removal and reinstall ... pls help ...

QuattroRocket2010-05-30 04:51:08 +0000 #1
So my parts are back from paint and **** its gonna look hot and VERY unique ! However I am having a problem, one of the early parts I tried reinstalling was the tank. The install seemed to go well, a little debate about which hose goes where but there didnt seem to be much choice based on size and direction. However the bike wont start. I have put somewhere around 2 gallons of gas into the tank, the gas guage shows one blinking black bar, the fuel pump (which is the humming before ignition I believe) makes all the normal sounds but when I hit the starter it just turns over and wont catch ! I have only held the button for 6-8 seconds for fear of doing some unknown damage but I have tried a few times, I have turned the bike on and off a few times, hit the ignition a few times and still noting.

The tank was off for about 3 weeks but the underside was well taped off by the painter so I dont think thats an issue ... its gotta be something simple as I didnt mess around with anything other than removing the plastics, disconecting the battery and pulling the tank. I emptied the tank by holding it upside down for quite a while, if that makes a difference.

Please shoot me some help cause I am dumbfounded ... and not totally mechanically literate so my trouble shooting knowledge is limited.

Thanks in advance.

here are some shots of the underside of the tank as I have it hooked up now ...



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