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'06 Kawasaki 250 Leaking Oil

Seaneka2010-06-15 02:22:12 +0000 #1
My bike for the last two months or so has been inconsistently leaking oil.

Went to Squamish about two months ago with MutantNow and that's when I first noticed the problem. There a small - medium puddle/patch underneath my bike. MutantNow and I looked at the oil plug and couldn't see it was leaking from there. We ran our hands all underneath the bike and couldn't identify where it was leaking from.

Kept doing it, appearing if oil was leaking from more central body of the bike and leaking down. Took it to my friends' dads place and after taking my bike partially apart he chalked it up to the sponge oil filter which is lubricated in oil was over oiled and was just leaking access through the air casing. Sorry I'm not super confident on technical terms!

Anyways, I thought my bike stopped leaking after we cleaned the air filter and put it back. Well I rode to Whistler two weeks ago with a friend, and again a bigger puddle was under my bike. So I don't think it is the oil filter.

I don't want to start taking my bike apart, because I'm not bikey savy. But does anyone have suggestions?

cypne2010-06-15 02:30:07 +0000 #2
I don't think it's related but it may be a similar case. There was a recall on 09-10 ninja 250's for porosity in the engine case which allowed oil to leak out. Maybe check if the case itself has somehow sustained a crack. This might just be from normal wear and tear just it's time I guess



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