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Oil filter change for a 05 600rr with screw driver. Now leaking coolant

jumpingjupiter2010-06-19 16:16:12 +0000 #1
OK, this post is more of a warning for some and perhaps a good chuckle for others. (The bike is a 05 CBR600rr)

I had a particularly stuburn oil filter during my oil change yesterday. I tried a filter wrench and socket but ended up stripping the polly filter wrench. OK, time to switch to plan "B".... Grabbed a long screw driver and a hammer. A couple of enthuesiastic whacks with the hammer and I was able to punch through both sides of the filter and get the 1/8 turn in order to break it free. She spun off by hand the rest of the way. Put on a new filter, filled it up with oil, fired it up, and checked for leaks.

I was surpised to see I was leaking coolant. When standing at the front of the bike there was a cylindrical part a few inches to the right of the oil filter. In my furious whacking I punched through the oil filter and straight into that part and it was spraying coolant when the bike was running..

I didn't have a clue what the part was so I called Kelly, the parts manager, at Big Top Power Sports for help. He was able to help me identify the part as the Oil Cooler and source a replacement (he didn't have any on hand).

So, I have to pay a $120 stupidity tax (the price of a used oil cooler) and spend some time pulling my bike apart to install the replacement. I can't pick up the part till Tuesday so I will be caging for awhile.

Thanks to Kelly at Big Top for pointing me in the right direction.

For myself.... "Here's your sign".

smokeshow812010-06-19 16:32:18 +0000 #2
next time just hammer the screw driver into one side of the oil fiter... not all the way through lol. I do that to drain the oil from my stangs filter. pop a hole in the top and then turn it over to drain... less messy that way.
jumpingjupiter2010-06-19 16:41:00 +0000 #3
Yes, I tried to punch just one side first. The filter was stuck on so tight it just tore the aluminum. I needed the strength of punching both sides.
Shovelhead2010-06-19 17:16:57 +0000 #4
With this kind of oil filter wrench, you'll never need to mess around with screw drivers.

Next time you put a filter on, don't forget to grease the gasket, makes it easier to remove.
mondocycle2010-06-19 18:01:12 +0000 #5
Get a rubber strap wrench from the dollar store for next time. Best loonie you'll ever spend.
jumpingjupiter2010-06-19 16:34:39 +0000 #6
Yes. I normally dip my finger in oil and lube the ring before installation. The last oil and filter change wasn't done by me so I guess they forgot that step. (I'll pretty much garantee they forgot that step)

I have that type of filter wrench in the picture for my truck. They work great but are difficult to use in a confined space. Would work great if the headers weren't in the way.

My next oil change I think I will just pony up a little extra dough for a filter with a nut prewelded to the top.
avocet2010-06-19 19:09:49 +0000 #7

feeling stupid is part of the learning experience.

just be glad you didn't break anything more expensive!!!

dvsfzr10002010-06-19 19:37:29 +0000 #8
On every vehicle I've ever had (I've had quite a few) I've tightened the oil filter really snug by hand. I have never had a filter leak or back off, but sometimes they require a bit more force to remove than I put them on with. I also lightly oil the gasket on installation.

Also a good idea to pour new oil into the new filter before you install it as well. It keeps the time the main and rod bearings are without oil to an absolute minimum




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