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2007 GSXR 600 flashing FI randomly

Goobersbro2011-02-01 01:12:25 +0000 #1
Hey guys first post here. I bought my bike in September and the thing has been simply amazing. Recently it has been flashing FI and the check engine light has been coming on but its super random and if I turn the bike off and back on 9 out of 10 times it goes away. It flashed once in November once or twice in December and has done it like 6 times in January. The first couple times it did it it only would come on when the temperature got to around 210 and the fan would kick on...if I pulled over while it was hot and shut the bike off then turned it back on then it would flash the FI so I called a dealership and he told me to check the oil and coolant oil is fine and the coolant was topped off at the dealer when I bought it....Anyways I went out this morning and it was about 50 degrees outside and I went to turn the bike on and it flashed a FI...I turned the bike on let it warm up turned it off and back on and the FI disappeard....So I went to work getting ready to leave work turned it on flashed a FI let it warm up turned it off and back on FI is Has only come on once while riding and it was when the bike got hot the bike was at like 215 and I turned it off and back on and yet again it went away....

So at this point I'm lost and the dealership in town is ran by idiots so if I'm to take it to a shop I have to travel around 100 miles round trip....I called the shop out of town and the guy said if I brought it down to him he would only be able to help me if the light was on. I asked him if he could pull codes and he told me no unless the light was on.. and it only comes on randomly which creates a problem. He told me sorry and thats all he could do.... Also I bought the bike used from a honda dealership over 100 miles away and they didn't have a service manual for me when I bought the bike due to the previous owner losing it.

I havn't planned on buying one until I do the first service on it which is coming up in a couple hundred miles but I'm guessing now is the time to buy one.....

Anywho to sum it all up is it okay to still ride my bike??? I have figured its okay so far because the light goes off but I don't want to hurt the bike.

Also any ideas as to what might be causing the light?

The bike is mostly stock, only mod done to the bike is a Twin bros full m6 series exhaust installed by the previous owner so the bike seems to be running just slightly rich as I don't believe he had tuned for the exhaust so I was planning on having it dynoed at the next service

Thanks Guys,



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