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Projector Headlights..

ShiftGear2011-02-03 21:39:38 +0000 #1
I've been browsing different forums and caught up to the "projector/HID" fad going around and I love it. I have an 08 r6.. I really want these for my bike.

Here is what my bike "could" look like with these on..

I guess I want to know if I can do this myself? Where can I get a set of projectors? Off of a used r6-s? I guess I have to oven bake the headlights, open them up, custom fabricate the projector in, seal it all up, install the hid's, re-wire everything...

It seems like so much work but I absolutly LOVE the way this looks. Im searching for some answers here, does anyone have ANY experience with something like this? Please let me know. Thanks!
htdub2011-02-03 21:43:57 +0000 #2
I did it on my fz6.

Picked up the kit for dual hi/lo projectors. You can get the kit from ebay, or just follow other's on the forums. Not sure what your bike needs for bulbs etc.

Took apart the headlight housing after warming it up in the oven.

Painted the housing matte black

Installed projectors, they just fit the housing.

Resealed housing.

Wired it all up, hiding the extra snakefest of ballast/wires (hard part)

It's all full day install, not easy but if you follow all the forum steps it's not too bad.



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