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Handy little things

Mechanic2011-02-06 02:32:11 +0000 #1
IKEA have a childrens "cookware" set called DUKTIG.

For $10 you get four pieces in Stainless Steel. Ideal for cleaning small parts like carburetor jets etc.

From the photo's you can see that the Deep (relatively speaking of course) pan has a removable perforated inner tray.

This is perfect for boiling clogged jets and really dirty parts in something like Seafoam.

**A word of warning - never heat solvents and chemicals with a naked flame. The safest way is to use a heat gun.
CHIA2011-02-06 02:42:17 +0000 #2
In related news, the Easy Bake Oven might make a great companion for those smallish powder-coat projects:



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