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setting idle speed

Booger2011-04-04 20:24:51 +0000 #1
Is there any danger is setting the idle rpms higher than the owners manual specification? My bike seems to want to stall at manufacturer's spec rpm, so I am setting it higher to combat that. It does this even after riding all day long.

I set it at around 2000 when the owner spec say 1400. I have found this the only way to prevent me from stalling at every light I stop at.

Note this is a carbed bike and choke is fully in the off/closed position.
bandito2011-04-04 20:31:02 +0000 #2
Most likely your idle jets need to be cleaned....

Pull the carbs off, soak the jets in carb cleaner... spray with compressed air and reinstall... should fix the problem.

If not, something more serious is wrong.

Turning up the idle is compensating for the problem, not fixing it.

If you need a hand, bring it over to my place... I'll walk you through how to do it...

Location is Pitt Meadows.
CHIA2011-04-04 20:33:03 +0000 #3
Ya, 2k, or 600 higher aint a lil, it's a ton!

Time for service, simple as that. Don't try to offset a shitty fuel system with higher idle.
elevation2011-04-04 20:46:11 +0000 #4
Don't go right to 2000rpm. Try 1500rpm, then 1600rpm, etc. I have this same problem with my VFR. I set the idle speed at 1600rpm and problem solved.

You will not have problems unless you like to leave your bike idling for hours.

Get a mechanic to check it out and tune it up. That should fix it too.
PRSmechanic2011-04-04 21:08:22 +0000 #5
It's also possible your tach doesn't read right, and it says 2,000 but it's revving at 1,400 or....

As read above, at least drop by and have someone with a trained ear have a listen.



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