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muffler mod question

Colt2011-04-17 04:17:06 +0000 #1
Hello, I know this sorta thing has been asked before, but I have a slightly different set up compared to most sport bikes out there (I think?)

I have a 2000 VFR800 5gen. The difference is It has a catalytic and O2sensors. I run a 2bros slip on, has a nice well rounded sound, but not my first choice in looks since it came with the bike. I want to make up something home-aidish so I don't know how much back pressure(if any) it can provide, If it came down to it can I rely on the catalytic converter to provide enough back pressure?


I know its going to be retardatily loud and may attract "unwanted attention", I could argue that if I was heard last time I was hit, I might still have 2 equal legs, less metal implants in my arm and pelvis and fully functioning digestive system.

If I do this mod, its not for every day use, I know after being on long trips riding with Harleys the sound can become unwelcome to even the rider. I do however LOVE the sound of the V4 running with out a can. My goals are to 1 get a sound close to or better/deeper then running with out can, with compromising too much back pressure.

I want to CLEARLY state, This is not for every day use, I am not interested in annoying my neighbors, this is for now and then special events or out in the middle of nowhere.

I just saw this: Video From YouTube:(link)

Has any one done this mod? how does it sound? does cutting and shortening a can "damage" it?

(I like the idea of grabbing some cheap ebay can, and chopping it)

Most important questions:

-If i make up some working short muffler of this nature, will the catalytic converter provide sufficient back pressure?

-I realize that in pic one its basically just an exhaust tip and not a muffler, but can the slip on in pic two work much better from a back pressure stand point?

Legal question:

-If running no muffler is obvious neglect to reduce sound; what kind of minimum do they want to see if they look at my exhaust?(regardless db) Is a simple tip like in the first pic, enough to show an attempt, or is some higher level of muffler attempt needed? I have never heard what a shorty like the one in the second pic would sound like, but judging from its shear lack in size its gotta be illegal? 90% of Harley guys run pipes im positive wouldn't pass a db test, yet you never see them at a loss... how many cops carry around Decibel Meters any way?

kivyee2011-04-17 04:26:06 +0000 #2
Jaybo2011-04-17 05:00:12 +0000 #3
I would just put on a supertrapp pipe and then adjust the discs to your liking



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