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Big Oven Wanted!!!!

604boi2011-04-25 02:23:44 +0000 #1
Hey Guys,

I'm looking for an oven that someone is not using perhaps just some old one sitting in someone's garage. I am hoping to use it to bake some bike parts after I rattlecan it. I know I might get bashed for going with the rattlecan method instead of powdercoating, but being a student, it is all I can afford haha.

Anyways, hopefully someone has one. I can bring a couple bottles of beer lol.

On a side note, anybody here rattlecan their bike parts? How does is it holding up?
Mr.Sushi ya ha2011-04-25 02:36:44 +0000 #2
Just buy a quality enamel holds up well and will flow out smooth. Baking not required. Even using the touch up paint at crappy tire works well and has nice colors. You can even get clear coat to finish it off.
604boi2011-04-25 02:40:23 +0000 #3
Hmm thanks that's a good point. I always thought I had to bake the paint in order for it to sit well. I guess I will try regular primer on those that don't need the high heat primer.
Phildo2011-04-25 02:54:29 +0000 #4
Ya, no need to bake spray paint. Just be sure to prep the parts well.

Scuff up the entire part leaving no shiny areas.

Wipe down with Prep clean, alcohol, etc.

Thin, multiple coats.

And as stated above, you can use a spray paint clear coat over the color to give it extra gloss and protection.

Just remember not to get solvents (thinner, gas, brake clean) on the paint job afterwards as it will take the paint right off.
604boi2011-04-25 03:37:00 +0000 #5
Thanks Phildo! I am going follow exactly the procedure you stated of sanding it down really good and the wiping it down (simple green for me). I was looking at some tremclad paint from home depot, they seem like a good way to go. There has been many strong feelings between rattlecan and powdercoat. Many of those who went with the rattlecan method said that it was holding up pretty well! I guess I will have first hand experience with the durability!



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