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metric feeler gauges gxr jo2011-04-05 12:23
for all those guys and gals wondering where to get metric only feeler gauges lordco has a set f
Need some machining done... tsrf900r2011-04-05 08:21
Hi Guys, I need to get the mounting points machined on two calipers(see pic). Anyone know of a
HELP... Suzuki performance mechanic needed iceangels572011-04-05 04:11
I have a 2006 Suzuki Bandit 1200 that i run at mission on friday night drags. I bought and installed
Power Commander question racerboy882011-04-05 00:13
Will a Power commander for a 2004 ZX6RR work on a ZX6R?
License plate light Enragez2011-04-04 21:26
I wanna get a fender eliminator for my bike, and I was wondering if it's required by law to have a l
setting idle speed Booger2011-04-04 20:24
Is there any danger is setting the idle rpms higher than the owners manual specification? My bike s
2002 R1 backfire Chillbais2011-04-03 18:23
Hey guys just have a quick question I have an 02 r1 and I purchased a used power commander off a guy
Brake Rotor Hone dammyneckhurts2011-04-03 09:20
Any one know where to get a Brake Rotor Hone in Vancouver... like this: http://www.braketech.c
New tires - when bb4srv2011-04-03 06:09
I'm new to bike and the tires on them are like slicks, with very little threads. Just bought a used
03' Cbr600rr Wont start Explizit2011-04-01 16:19
Well hopefully someone can help me out here. I had just tried to start up my bike and heres what hap
2002 Honda CBR 600 F4i Leaking Fuel Regulator...common?? *T90*2011-04-01 04:34
Hey guys and gals, a question for all of you me chanically savvy individuals out there. I have had
Dyno tuner? ScottB2011-03-31 20:16
Anyone know of a good tuner with an MC dyno in the valley? I want to tweak the Speed Triple after I
Help - bike won't turn over bpasutti2011-03-31 10:15
I rode my bike .. then a couple days later I tried to fire her up and she won't turn over.. The
CoolTool Mechannibalism2011-03-30 06:14
A client brought over some gears & sprockets and this tool was in the box, It looks like a good idea
H.A.R.D. System or Radar Screamer CoolDaddyGroove2011-03-29 06:18
I can't decide between a light blinking in my helmet or a siren screaming from my dash when I encoun
Warming up a carbed bike almost_barbie2011-03-28 23:29
Is there any way to get around waiting eons for the damn thing to warm up? What happens if you just
brake modulation syncro2011-03-28 18:26
are there any master cylinders available where you can adjust the amount of modulation available for
06 Gsxr 750 - Low beam Light is on when high beam is on Raynor2011-03-27 07:18
Hey all I'm kind of stuck in a pickle here, my 06 gsxr 750 low beam burnt out so easy enough I repla
double banjo bolts needed paintballpaulie2011-03-04 04:53
i am looking for a set of double banjo bolts. i believe they are 10mm x 1.25 thread. they work with
rpm needle wont' move anymore righthere2011-03-04 05:47
Hi, I tried starting my motorcycle for the first time in 3 months. I think the RPM meter was m
Rear Brakes - replacing pads and unseizing a caliper... DharmaSoldat2011-03-04 05:19
Wondering how much this kinda thing should cost. I've done a little bit of research and such but wan
Anyone know of a good luggage system for an SV650/S? DharmaSoldat2011-03-04 05:13
I tried a Givi system but the metalwork was crap. I'm looking for two side mounted hard cases.
replaced fork seals now my tire is ou to lunch doublekick2011-03-04 05:09
i replaced my fork seals on my bike. i have the manual and followed all instructions but after
shaving your seat masato6042011-03-04 04:35
My friend wants to get his seat shaved down but does not want it to be uncomfortable. Can you guys s
A Guide to Powerbands..... NFG2011-03-04 04:49
A Guide to Powerbands Safety First! Before we get started on Powerbands, it is worth paying h
Hotbodies megaphone slip on - 07 gsxr 750 Phildo2011-03-04 04:24
Im thinking of picking up a hotbodies megaphone for my bike. Other than a k&n air filter, the bike
new to forum-looking for cx chopper fans harleywaugh2011-03-04 05:32
i stumbled on this site looking for inspirations for my new project. i bought a 1981 cx500 custom ba
Regulator connector repair Mechannibalism2011-03-04 04:59
The connectors on my regulator aren't burnt up yet but they were getting there, so I eliminated them
Clutch hub torgue tractor2011-03-04 05:09
How careful are you mechanics about torqueing the clutch hub nut? Do you just run it on with an air
V&H - CS One Undertail Slip-on?? mickm2011-03-04 04:58
When I used to ride a cruiser, I had a V&H pipe. They sound awesome and I had enough $$$ to get a f
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