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dongyaoyong1232010-01-22 07:01:37 +0000 #1
What if I want a colored ball into the hole through the reflector, then the white balls, colored balls, and would form an angle between the holes. I ask that the formation of the next corner bisector is perpendicular to the shore the ball? By the way helped me a brief account of knowledge under the spiral increases, thank you!
ming_t2010-01-22 07:06:53 +0000 #2
white ball without spin, then angle bisector perpendicular to the ball is certainly the case. Enhancing the first normal shots, rotate the link should be very skillful in the normal batting on the basis of further study. Basically, what you play is very prospective future, in order to further enhance the ability to control the cue ball, Zaiqu practice spin. However, the ball should be preceded by contacting the side spin to master high-and low-fat use of rod.



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