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Snooker games a year, altogether there are a few points ah?

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Snooker ranking tournament's current annual total of eight stations, from a historical point of view, the annual venue, names vary, and some events is now out, there have been new event, new If the countries and regions entered. Description is as follows:

1, the World Professional Championships (WORLD PROFESSIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, 1973/74 season so far.)

World Professional Championships, set up specifically for the professional snooker players, is the world's oldest and highest standard of snooker比赛. The first World Professional Championship was held in November 26, 1926, is a big star at the time of the snooker Joe. Davis and his friend Bill. Kamkin (a pool hall owner) joint unremitting efforts, the final get Billiards Association and the management of the club (BA & CC) held the agreement. Since 1926 to 1940, a total of 100 people took part in the tournament, an annual average of seven persons. Developed until now, every year hundreds of people to participate in the competition race, want to win the snooker world's highest honors and awards. In 1976, the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) ranking system will be introduced to the Championship. Rankings are based on from the 1974 World Professional Championships date. So, in fact the 1974 World Professional Championships is a ranking event, though it was the players, and not intended to misunderstand each other to this point. From 1976 onwards, the brand-name cigarettes EMBASSY manufacturers WD & H. O. WILLS started to become a sponsor of this championship. Thus, since then, has been into the 90's, the World Professional Championships, has been named EMBASSY World Professional Championships.

2, the Scottish Championships (1982/83 season so far, except for 1990/91 and 1991/92 seasons)

Traditionally, snooker ranking tournament of each season are based on the Scottish Championship kicked off as a race. It is following the World Professional Championship, the second as a ranking based on race. Initially, this international event called JAMESON international competitions. Later, had called off GOYAMATCHROOM Cup and international competitions such as BCE. Its historical evolution are as follows:

Jameson international competitions 1982/83 - 1984/85

Goya Matchroom Trophy 1985/86

BCE international competitions 1986/87

Fidelity Unit Trusts International Race 1987/88 - 1988/89

BCE international competitions 1989/90

1990/91 - 1991/92 season, no

Sky Sports International Open 1992/93


Sweater Shop International Open, International Open 1994/95 - 1995/96


High Steward of Scotland International Open Open Race 1997/98 - 2002/03

Daily Record Players Championship 2003/04

3, Totesport Grand Prix (formerly LG Cup, 1982/83 season to date)

began in 1982, initially called the Professional Players Championship (PROFESSIONAL PLAYERS'TOURNAMENT ), is by the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) the promotion of the company held its first championship. In 1982 - 1983 year, which along with the JAMESON increased international competition as a ranking event. Its historical evolution are as follows:

Professional Players Championship 1982/83 - 1983/84

Rothmans Grand Prix 1984/85 - 1992/93

Skoda Grand Prix 1993/94 - 1995/96

Grand Prix 1996/97 - 2000/01

LG cup 2001/02 - 2003/04

Totesport Grand Prix 2004/05

4, UK Open (UNITED KINGDOM OPEN, 84/85 to date)

The Open began in 1977, originally called the SUPER CRYSTALATE UK Championship. In 1979, it changed its name to CORAL UK Championship. Since the 1984 rankings after the match has been designated, the type changes, began to call CORAL UK Open. After 1986, they began to call TENNENTS UK Open. However, after 1988, TENNENTS withdrew from the sponsor.

5, the British Open (BRITISH OPEN, 84/85 to date)

the first is called the British Gold Cup, and later called the YAMAHA ORGANS Cup. In 1985, was designated as a ranking event. That same year, received the company's sponsorship ICI and DULUX with their company's name of the event. DULUX called the British Open, ANGLIAN the British Open, and so on.

6, the European Open (EUROPEAN OPEN, 1988/89 - 1995/96, 2001/02 to date)

European Open, first held in France in 1989, after the Masters in Canada, and the second outside the UK National ranking tournament game.

7, China Open (1995/96 - 2001/02, 1997/98 season, except for 2004/05 to date)

8, Malta Grand Prix 1999/00, 94/95 so far

has become a well-known tournament ranking tournament :

9, the Canadian Masters (CANADIAN MASTERS, 88/89 season)

Canadian Masters first held in 1985 and 1988 to-1989 ° has been designated as ranking event. It was the first country other than the game in the UK ranking event.

10, Classic (CLASSIC, 83/84--91/92)

The event was first called WILSONS Classic, and later was known as LADA Classic. It was in 1984, that is, in LADA Classic period was selected to serve as ranking. Its historical evolution are as follows:

Lada (LADA) Classic 1983/84

Mercantile Credit Classic 1984/85 - 1991/92

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