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Billiards out Sloek there are other games are played with 9 balls do?

Seek Happiness2010-01-17 02:01:39 +0000 #1
There are other regular games are played do?

2009-12-11 14:12 supplementary question, sorry, yes billiards in addition, not out.
3 Village2010-01-17 02:04:32 +0000 #2
Billiards popular around the world, from different angles have different classification methods, from the country, the number of billiards and billiard ball skills classification.

(1) according to whether the sub-pocket: pocket billiards, Kai-Lun billiard (carom billiard)

(2) hours according to country: French billiards, English billiards, American pool.

(3) according to the rules and play points: snooker, 8 ball, 9 ball, 14.1,15 ball points, three goals to open-lun, 4 goals to open-lun.

Many different types of billiards, in addition to the familiar snooker, there are a lot of play in the domestic and the world, popular, and have their own World Series, in a number of comprehensive competition, the pool project has set up a Many minor term. In order for us to understand the billiards sport in the world, the development of the world's introduced here are several popular billiards play.

British-style pool, but also the proportion of English Billiards and Snooker two categories. Occurs mainly in the United Kingdom and continental Europe. The proportion of English billiards, also known as three billiard balls off the bag, is a basic type of billiards, is one of the world, the official billiards competitions. The proportion of English billiards appeared earlier, requires a more comprehensive technical play, at present, many of the world famous snooker player, proportion-style billiards basic skills are quite solid. The English-style billiards snooker, another type is the world's billiards one of the popular mainstream. The English "snooker" in the meaning of meaning for the barrier is from the English "snooker" transliteration of the name. Snooker is not only scoring that they can hit the ball into the bag, you can also consciously played the other side it impossible to use technology, barriers to the ball, so that the other party blocked being punished. Therefore, snooker competition, fun-filled world billiards competition project.

American billiards also known as the American Pool (POOL), is an important genre desktop billiards, snooker and the British in the French-style pool followed by the formation of a new style. It is French and English billiards and snooker neck and neck, widely popular in the Western Hemisphere and East Asia. However, French-American Billiard and snooker and English billiards than not, such as they are known. Some people think that billiards is only part of the American bar, the streets of "riba people under the" type of games. However, this is the popular American-style pool, the popularization of merit. Pool in the system, such as 8-ball billiards in our country also has a broad mass base. Pool 8-ball system, including billiards, 9-ball system, billiards, Chicago, billiards, bowling, billiards and snooker Poole types.

French billiards originated in France, also known as Kai-Lun billiards (also known as carrom, billiards, carom), its meaning is a continuous collision of two balls with the cue ball that hit two consecutive balls, which is the most basic French billiards requirements. And English billiards, American pool tables in this pool of the most important difference is that there is no net bag. There are many games carrom, billiards, among which the main thing is the trilateral carrom, billiards.

Kai-Lun-style billiards originated in France, and later in Japan, is very popular, there is "Japan's Percussive billiards," said, is one of the international competition. Kai-Lun-style billiard tables in this pool is not used for bags, it is based on a scoring shot billiards club play. In some of our billiards room rarely seen such a play billiards. Kai-Lun billiards play into stars Kai-Lun, Samsung Kai-Lun, Kai-lun, four-ball, straight opening-lun, Taiwan line to open Lun, etc., but the most popular must be the four-ball play of the Kai-Lun.

"Four-ball Kai-Lun," there are four balls, two red balls and two white balls, two white balls for the game each side of the cue ball. The old rules, scoring is: cue ball hit the ball two or more, you can have the right shot. Cue ball to hit a red ball, a white ball was two points; cue ball to hit the "double red" was 3 points; cue ball to hit the "double red" plus a white ball was 5 points. This 2-point scale, 3-point scale, five-point scale is more commonly used in the past. However, the new rules, all using a points system, as long as the ball hit three goals in two, you can get 1 point, eliminating the configuration of the ball because of the score generated by the gap between relatively simple calculations.

The game winning score is based on who should get agreement shall prevail. So, when the parties get the right shot, should strive for more scores. For "four-ball Kai-Lun," with the ball a little heavier, so the club than other types of clubs thicken.

"Four-ball Kai-Lun" start the ball of the pendulum method: two white balls between the two red balls and four balls in the same straight line.

When the ball on the table put away, the two sides of a space shot to hit bottom and decided to batting order. Those who received the ball from the bottom edge near the right to choose; also be determined by lot the right to choose. Kick-off party for the white balls with black spots in the main ball, the other all-white ball dominated the ball. Rules, the other side of the cue ball to the goal-oriented balls.

Accordance with the rules, kick-off the first shot must hit the ball the other white valid, otherwise, would be awarded for loss of machines, the exchange of power shots. Due to start the pendulum ball is the main ball and white ball between the two red balls and four balls in the same straight line. So kick-off party is usually hit Taiwan side, playing both sides of the ball (ie, two sets side impact), so that the cue ball to hit Taiwan side and then hit the double-ball.

In the "four-ball Kai-Lun" play in Taiwan, while the role of very large. If you can not hit with a straight-line method, we should make full use of one, two, three, or multiple units while a rebound in order to achieve the purpose of touching pairs of balls. In the batting technique and the Trilateral carrom, billiards there are many similarities.
Pirates Iraq2010-01-17 02:18:45 +0000 #3
less kind, Northern Ireland Cup first round was Selby eliminated.
Ice Fire Eye2010-01-17 03:15:19 +0000 #4
recently begun to shoot pool like a.



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