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Taiwan, the choice of poison club

cx5628212010-03-27 21:11:57 +0000 #1
recently wanted to buy a nine clubs, originally wanted to buy Jaguar, but feels a bit too expensive. Heard about poison cheaper, and the appearance of avant-garde for young people, they want to buy one.

Who gave me introduce poison the performance of this brand clubs like how?

Best to help me spread knowledge of Kazakhstan under the club.

I want to buy cheap point, who told me that a poison which the cost-effective?

Price how much? Cheap as possible, I was a student, fond of play billiards, but the cash-strapped, pocket money are saved to pay a service charge.

You big brother help out Oh!

2010-01-31 01:54 improve the reward 20 points
Ming Cher2010-03-27 21:14:05 +0000 #2
jaguars, poison still Gomez are all-work, generation after generation of

than the poor quality of the outrageous, poison joints not very good, either invisible bullets of either joint

Puma 10 trailers before the festival, while the United States and hereby is eight trailers, almost in the previous section,

Jaguar's P3 series of increasing system is better!

If you agree with the relative price of the clubs, the election would be a good P3's! P3 paint not done too well

BBLAK2 on behalf of the proposed system is also aggravating the same with the P3!

So, want to buy a comfortable club. . Select BBLAK2 on behalf of the

very good, price should be around 5000-7000!
Today chanced2010-03-27 21:38:06 +0000 #3
two different models of the rod to be holding in your hand try to play about and see what use that hand is the most suitable for you.


Poison is hereby Taiwan and US-Taiwan Cue Cue much difference in the end - Baidu know "Sports / Sports

In fact, pretty poison club is in the affirmative, the workmanship can be considered a stream, the front branch of the main use of poison wood in wood science and technology, commonly known is that inside a layer a layer of wood outside the package before the first corner angle using Titan exclusive use of poison skin head then 呀 generally bullets and leather grip Guiya hind legs are usually very high-end performance is very stable because the former branch of science and technology so more poison club the hard skin of his head just to add to his ex-branch less than good control can summarize the cue ball is the poison clubs both in the quasi-reliability and stability are very good

Timmia club Timmia of the anterior branch the performance of the whole of Taiwan OEM can, but should be compared with the poison is not a level of technology in general, if you can choose if the technology if you are a very strong poisons or to vote for Puma
flowers hand2010-03-27 21:23:52 +0000 #4
hit the ball real comparison, but also attention in the head.



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