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Snooker club is a good weight is better still put it mildly.

Tell me2010-01-18 17:01:16 +0000 #1
Professional game and the club have no weight standard, usually the focus point of a good or a good light.

I personally like to use the key club.
Haimo Shui2010-01-18 17:11:17 +0000 #2
club weight and length is an important criterion for purchasing Taiwan, one of the club, proper clubs the length and weight of those who can make a shot to play smoother.

In real life, a lot of playing time in the election under the direct regarded degree of focus on all the clubs, in fact, is wrong, the weight and length of the club is the primary factor in the club you choose.

In general, the vast majority of clubs are now plant in the club weight from 17.5 to 19 ounces (496.12 to 538.64 g), length: 57 inch (145CM) around.


Users should be based on height and hit the ball used to choose the right club length of the tall person should choose a longer club. Generally considered: the length of the soles of the feet to the shoulder (upright standing flat measurement) = the length of your club. But his batting position and other individuals have access to the special habits, such as: some people not tall, but the hand is very long, then they would have the appropriate lengthening; transported relatively long distance shot, it should be appropriately extended.


in a personal experience, the lighter the club for the play's manipulation helpful, often more nuanced method for stroke players. The relative weight of the club in the stability of a rod, high-pole red ball to compare the success rate advantage. The specific preferences vary, by the players in practice, gradually began to feel.

Center of gravity center of gravity in general about 40CM position (from behind the end of the volume of cases). Good weight allows the club in your hand, feel the force evenly, allowing players to better grasp the feeling of hair strength. For a club for good or bad with a heavy center of gravity location can be a sight when we choose to use a finger as long as a balance scale will be able to roughly determine a center of gravity location.

Most of the initial purchase of the club fans do not need to clear the club of their own weight and length, it is necessary to play the course themselves slowly exploring ways to purchase the first root clubs often can not be too ideal, but the first you buy a club is an important basis for the second root club.

Personal feeling is a little less emphasis on good, so that when the rod out of a more stable 1:00
Levitt2010-01-18 17:41:34 +0000 #3
you say is the club's weight. Either light or heavy club, as long as you can find the balance point of the club, playing for some time, naturally handy.
Deep Blue mirror2010-01-18 17:49:16 +0000 #4
used is not entirely under the force.



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