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Snooker competition rules and promotion of what is it?
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Snooker players hit the ball, there are strict requirements, the correct ball is:

1, ball players must wait for the ball rolling on the stage perfectly still, drop bags and a colored ball has been placed out of bounds the ball-point position, a further shot.

2, ball players should avoid using clubs, pole frame, body, clothing and wear no matter the counter touched the ball.

3, when the ball hit the ball players not allow your feet off the ground, otherwise considered guilty of the rules.

4, ball players can only use the club head hit the cue ball, rather than push the ball and the batter can be used clubs cue ball.

5, each ball can only be used once a club hit, even if the ball when he does not care with the skin head touched the cue ball, are also considered a hit.

6, the players are not allowed to hit any ball out of bounds, but also to allow the cue ball to hit into a jump ball. Jump Ball: Main ball was shot out, no access to any and jump directly across the Taiwan side on the other sphere, even if the rubbing the ball was beyond the skin off the ball jump ball past count. Cue ball hit, first hit the ball over goal post, then jump up or exceed the other sphere, and not a jump ball. Use "tie rod" and other technical shot, obviously, after bypassing the other ball to hit another ball, not a jump ball. If the cue ball was shot out, the cue ball hit the target after the jump the second half of count jump ball, did not hit the cue ball across the goal counts as jump ball at the top of the ball. Judge ruled that one player fouls, in addition to stop strike, they also announced the punishment under the circumstances scores, and scores of fine players achievements recorded in the other column.

7, one of the following conditions are considered fouls.

(1) according to the provisions of the order of the objectives to be playing ball, although the decline was shot, but lost bags of sub-machines, replaced by the other players hit the ball.

(2) occurs when the putter hit the ball, batter phenomenon, regardless of whether the ball hit the target, according red, yellow, green ball penalty four minutes, the other the ball penalty points according to score.

(3) The ball the player's clothes, clubs, dumping materials such as wear or any part of the angle to angle the ball moving a ball in any table are considered foul, according to observable target hit the ball score penalty points, less than 4 minutes fined by 4 points higher than the scores for more than 4 penalty points according to score. If the ball player should hit a colored ball, without hint to the referee before the foul took place over the phenomenon, are penalty seven minutes.

(4) The batting did not use a white ball, players use a ball disposes of any other ball (that is, hit the wrong cue ball), all penalty seven minutes.

(5) The ball players first hit the ball down the red bag, and then must hit colored balls, but not so Peter hit another red ball, that is, according to even hit the red ball, all penalty seven minutes.

(6) batting stroke occurs when an empty, empty bar from the ups and downs, the ball hit the target or the target from the drop-ball with the ups and downs, the cue ball or other ball hit out of bounds, belonged to the unruly behavior. Should be an object ball score penalty points, if the object ball score of less than four points, four points should be made 4 points penalty.

(7) when the first shot failed to hit the target ball, or hit the wrong ball into the other, even if the target turn the ball colliding with bags, not only scoring void, and shall be punished with the highest points score.

(8) hit the ball, the error in the scores below the target ball from the ball or the place down, down, and with the fall of, the target-ball score penalty. For example, the goal of pink ball, the ball is wrong in a yellow ball, the ball should be pink score six points penalty. On the contrary, mistakenly hit the ball scores above the target score the ball, the ball should be a wrong score penalty. For example, the target ball is a red ball, while the errors in a black ball shall be punished seven minutes.

(9) shot down, not shoot down an object ball or the occurrence from the ups and downs, but it is also the other ball gave the driver a bag, score invalid, the highest score according to pocket the ball penalty. For example, the target ball is a red ball, shot down the blue ball, blue ball shall score 5 points penalty, conversely, an object ball to score higher than the scores have been shot down by the ball, the ball should target score penalty points.

(10) was shot out of any cue ball after the goal the ball did not hit any other ball jumps off, are considered jump ball, they will be fined points.

(11) when the counter is not a red ball, the ball hitting the players disrupting the order of colored balls by hitting the wrong scores penalty points, if the object ball score of less than 4 points, 4 points according fine.

(12) when there is the counter when the ball is rolling on the first tee shot, or shots, feet off the ground, according to the observable object balls hit score penalty. If the object ball score of less than 4 points, all four penalty points.

(13) made with the free kick count dead ball foul, according to a high penalty score points (only the black ball and powder except when the ball). Is one free-kick after a foul, if the cue ball into dead ball (cue ball straight road, can a direct assault to any live ball in any part of the line have been a number of non-live ball blocked, when the cue ball was called for the dead ball), then referees should be declared as a free-kick. If a non-foul and then hit the primary, he can specify any one ball as a live ball.

(14) cue ball at the same time the ball hit two different scores, the highest penalty of two balls would be the value (and hit two red balls or a free ball and a live ball exception).

(15) regardless of the cue ball or target ball was shot out of bounds, are infractions. If the cue ball was shot out of bounds, the target-ball score penalty points; if the other ball was shot out of bounds, according to their percentile score penalty points; if at the same time more than two balls hit out of bounds, according to one of the highest ball out of bounds will be the value of penalty.

(16) a shot, allowing the same time to shoot down more than two red balls, red balls were hit into several somewhat. Whether the same time, a few red balls hit into the next hit only once hit the designated colored ball opportunities. For example, the first strike hit the two workers at the same time pocket the color ball two points in mind, the second strike will be the designated colored balls down bag, the third hit the ball as the goal is still a red ball, if the third strike and beat Cai ball, according to a foul treatment.

(17) a shot, if at the same time free-kick and live ball into the pocket, only recorded live ball score.

(18) allows players to use the proper swing, an obstacle to the ball to each other. If the other players use the arc ball and rebound save, use of space-shore approach, they are not hitting the ball should be hit live, should live ball score penalty points, less than four hours by four points penalty. If you mistakenly hit the ball scores higher than the live ball, the ball should be in accordance with its score penalty. Penalty after the ball players that create obstacles to the counter ball potential to be adverse, there is no access to high marks to grasp the right to request a player fouls another ball, and then another penalty fouls. Such as the blue ball for the live ball, was pink ball blocked by an empty shore rebound Act does not hit the live ball, then stopped in the first 2 points, happened to the black ball in turn live ball blocked, can not be directly hit live ball, this time to create barriers to the players can ask the players to continue to re-hit foul. The other players ask the players to continue to re-hit a foul as long as the request has been made, they are not allowed to recover. When the save to play live ball, the batting side should do their utmost to save, the referee awarded contracts unconscious after hitting save, the other players can also request to resume in-situ re-playing the ball (and according to the provisions of foul penalty points) .

(19) in the game, if there is foul behavior, the referee should immediately foul, and in the batting after the announced punishment. If you do not hit the ball before the start of the next decision made by the referee, the other side did not raise objections before this hit, this time a foul is considered clemency.

(20) in the race, if the ball (whether stationary or a moving) has been hitting off people rather than persons (or are about to hit the artificial ball striker, in a blow ball or a ball until the end of this man to keep batting to the status of) the touch, or when players are off the counter staff collisions touch the ball, the above-mentioned case, the players hit the ball shall not be liable, not counted foul. Referees should be according to the original location of the ball again gracefully, to re-hit by the ball players.

(21) If the referee that the match be a deadlock, he should be warned that both games. If you do not change this situation as quickly as possible, he will announce that this game was null and void, the order of the original game should be continued.

(22) If the game, the players refused to continue the game took place, or deliberately consecutive fouls, or have other improper behavior, prevent the game to continue, the referee should be bold and to announce that the game player fails, and depending on its circumstances are serious, level, declaration or organization members head judge and competition commission to propose cancellation of the tournament qualified or qualified for a certain period. When the referee that the ball hit the status has been declared the failure of players, the Council will lose all the scores, the other players will not only other scoring drive effective, the counter will also receive the disc left the sum score the ball, every red balls by shooting down of a Black Ball consideration, calculated by 8 points.

(23) When the player hit the cue ball out of bounds, since the fall, with fall or due to death caused by a foul ball and die corner (if the cue ball straight road, a direct assault upon any part of any live ball lines have been blocked angle spherical segment borders , when the main ball called a corner), the referee may award the other main ball player, as the hands of the ball handling. When the red bag was shot down or hit the ball out of bounds, it is no longer a Bureau of the ball. When the red ball on the stage when the bag was shot down or hit colored balls to go out before the next hit, it should be placed in specified locations on the ball. When all the red balls off the bag, began to hit colored balls in order according to score when he was shot down by the normal bag of colored balls are no longer removed. Although the score is based on the order of the colored balls hit off the bag, but it is accompanied by irregularities, unruly behavior, it should be removed from the bag, put the ball in the required position point.

(24) The need to pocket the color ball out of bounds, or placed in specified locations on the ball when the ball appeared sites occupied by other, when the highest score should be colored balls on the ball position, if the ball high marks sites have also been accounted for, then turn the ball from the site high marks to the sites of low-scoring ball put the ball, if spared by the various colored balls sites occupied by colored balls should be placed in their own sites and the top of the ball between the shores of the vertical axis line sites close to the ball near the place, not relative to paste. For example, the yellow balls off the bag or was shot out of bounds, this time, two-point shot in the occupied sites, the yellow ball should be placed in a black ball point; if the black ball in the occupied sites should be placed in the pink ball site ; if the pink ball in the occupied sites should be placed in blue, brown sites and so on, from the site high marks go to the low-scoring point swing. If the colored ball sites were occupied, then the yellow ball to be placed in the vicinity of the yellow Sphere site. If you also need to place two or more colored balls, and the ball on their own sites are occupied, then the priority placed on high score the ball. But this number should be placed in their own ball ball ball No. loci. In short, the above scenario, the colored balls how to put law enforcement of judgments by the referee.

Seen from the above, snooker game rules, player fouls, fouls on the players, ruling offenses are more strict and penalties heavier. A game, one player, probably because of fouls, illegal too many times, resulting in failure. Thus, a player in peacetime training, we should memorize and correctly interpret the rules in each of the provisions of strict compliance with rules of the game to cultivate a good habit, as far as possible to avoid and reduce foul offenses.

Different promotion rules of the game different! ! !



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