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Edwin Valero admits to murdering his wife!!

Lefty2010-06-06 19:13:51 +0000 #1
Valero arrested on murder charge:

By Garbriel F. Cordero

WBC lightweight champion in recess Edwin Valero was arrested this morning by Carabobo State Police on suspicion of murdering his wife Yennifer Carolina. According to the CICPC (Office of Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigations) Mrs. Valero died of multiple stab wounds and that Valero is the alleged perpetrator of the act. The incident occurred at a hotel in the city of Valencia. Valero, after being apprehended, was taken to the General Command of the Police of Carabobo.

The relationship between Valero and his wife was troubled and darkened by numerous scandals involving alleged physical abuse, although Mrs. Valero never denounced her husband, nor pressed charges. There were plans for Valero to go to Cuba to undergo rehab for alcohol problems. He has also been seeing a psychologist.

April 18th, 2010

Police: Valero admits guilt:

Wilmer Flores Trosel, CICPC director, has announced that lightweight world champion Edwin Valero admitted guilt in the murder of his wife early this morning in Valencia, Venezuela. According to police, Mrs. Valero had three stab wounds on different parts of her body. The wounds were not deep and police didn’t find a knife or razor in the room. Investigators hypothesize that the crime occurred during a fight. The couple had checked into the hotel at around 11:30PM last night. At about 5:30AM, Valero went to the hotel lobby and confessed the killing to hotel staffers, who called police. Valero was taken into custody without incident.

April 18th, 2010

All on's main page. What a shock! This guys was said to be the future of the division. Now his future will include a lifetime vacation to a Venezuelan prison cell. Messed up!!

Lefty2010-06-06 19:25:03 +0000 #2
Sorry, Didn't realize there was already a thread made.



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