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Haye Vs Harrison

ÉtienneDavignon2010-12-12 13:16:11 +0000 #1
Making a thread so when the fight happens this Saturday night in Manchester people can speak on it.

I feel that Haye will win, but will get rocked and not look to great.
arowanafor2010-12-12 13:32:15 +0000 #2
All i hope is that its a decent fight. Boxing has become boring and nameless due to the rise of MMA. Haye is odds on bookies favourite in this fight and i think hes got the experiance to win it. Harrison has lost to my easy fights for my money since turning pro.
ÉtienneDavignon2010-12-12 13:41:41 +0000 #3
I don't expect it to be an amazing fight , but we have Paul Williams - Sergio Martinez (which will be an amazing fight) and the Timothy Bradley-Devon Alexander fight which are two BIG BIG fights.

Harrison always finds a way to lose i feel
Adam152010-12-12 14:06:26 +0000 #4
It's impossible to predict. You never know which Harrison will turn up.
dogofwar2010-12-12 14:22:13 +0000 #5
I fully expect the best Harrison to show up, this fight means a lot for British fans and I expect it to be a good one.

I think Haye will win it. I am really looking forward to this fight.
dwarfofdoom2010-12-12 15:15:17 +0000 #6
Just be able to say I called it I'm picking Harrison to win. That said Haye is the overwhelming favourite here and should get the kayo.



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