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Photos: World Championship WCK Muay Thai Primm, NV 08/28/2010

ultravista2010-12-12 07:30:33 +0000 #1
Photos from the action-packed World Championship WCK Muay Thai fights in Primm, Nevada on Saturday August 28th.


• David Early defeated Julian Lugo via unanimous decision

• Alfred Khashakyan defeats Ruben Dominguez via KO in round 1

• Andrew Miller defeats Isaac Gomez via pplit decision

• Amber Pope defeated Deanna Jenny via unanimous decision

• Chris Minor defeated Roy Corona via split decision

• Artem Sharoshkin defeated Titus Holmes via split decision

• Jack Thames defeated Mike Ryan via KO at 1:31 in round 1

• Raul Rodriguez defeated William Sriyapai via unanimous decision

• Stephen Banks defeated Rick Cheek via KO at 2:52 in round 2

• Jeri Sitzes defeated Joanna MacEachern via TKO at 2:06 in round 2

• Stephen Richards defeated Shawn Yarborough via unanimous decision

• Remy Bonnel defeated Chaz Mulkey via unanimous decision

fightfan802010-12-12 07:36:53 +0000 #2
great pics as usual man! keep up the great work.



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