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Amir "Glass Jaw" Khan Vs. Marcos Maidana

ÉtienneDavignon2011-01-26 20:13:21 +0000 #1
I know I got people mad, because I am running the boxing forum on this site - but its all good ya know I am just hugging the block like I have to

Victor Ortiz will be on the undercard and should get another highlight reel knockout like he did against Vivian Harris.

look at Maidana call out Khan

"The other day Freddie Roach said Amir Khan would easily beat Bradley, Alexander and myself in the same night. I say they can start trying me first and they will not have to worry about the other two. Stop looking for possible opponents for Khan next December 11 in England. Stop looking for lightweight boxers and face the real 140 pounders. I'll go to Khan's home soil to take the other portion of the WBA title, which belongs to me.... They say they want me next when the cameras and mics are on. But when it comes to make the fight for real Roach begs Golden Boy Promotions to keep Khan away from me."

I think Maidana will do what Prescott did Khan-Artist
dhk19802011-01-26 20:29:26 +0000 #2
i hope maidana wins cuz i can't stand any of dem british boxers
dwarfofdoom2011-01-26 20:52:48 +0000 #3
Why the hate for Khan? I wouldn't agree that he is cocky or arrogant.

Haven't seen any of Maidana but dealing with Khan's foot and hand speed won't be easy for any boxer in the top 10.



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