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Outmatched in All Aspects...And the Guy is an A-Hole. How do handle it?

AdviceNeeded2011-09-28 07:12:24 +0000 #1
I've never encountered a situation like this before, which may surprise some of you when I describe it.

I do Boxing, Muy Thai, and Jiu-Jitsu. We spar in all three classes.

Jiu-Jitsu consists of sparring every class. However, the instructor is very good about grouping in terms of experience and size. Also, the people in the class have a sense of honor. Consequently, no one has ever gotten out of hand. There are genuine accidents, but everyone is apologetic and they are accidents. I get tapped out, I get ribbed, I get punched, I have had my nuts kneed without a cup, it is OK because I know we are all learning and it is always an accident.

Muy Thai is the same way, but we spar once a week. Again, the coach is good about grouping us by experience and size. Again, people have honor so no one gets out of hand. There are accidents but they are accidents. I get kneed, elbowed, hit, but again it is within reason.

Boxing we rarely spar. The coach is some punk kid about 5'4'' the guy has issues--unlike the other two coaches who are upbeat he always has the, "it's been a rough day," look.

Last night he wanted four of us to spar. The class is usually about fifteen to twenty people. I am new to Boxing and fighting in general. The other three guys are very experienced.

On top of lack of experience, he freaking pairs me up with a guy who 6'5"-I am 5'9"--and who has a hell of a lot more muscle than I do. I'm not exaggerating this guy's height--which influences his reach--and his strength. I am completely out-classed by weight, reach, strength and experience.

I've seen the guy around but I tend to stick to myself with everyone.

I don't go to this gym to make friends; I go to workout and learn some technique.

Before we spar, I tell the guy to take it light because I'm new. He says he will take it light. We start sparing, I'm in no way being forceful--I know little guys have a tendency of being unnecessarily forceful. He is though and he is getting out of hand. Right before I am about to stop the sparring, he left hooks me. A LEFT FREAKIN" HOOK with almost full force. I nearly am knocked out, blood is pouring from my nose and mouth. This was no accident, you do not left hook with full force as an accident. Also, the look on his face suggests this is was not an accident.

I go to the bathroom to clean up all the blood. I'm pissed. After I finish cleaning up, I go back to the guy and tell him:

I have no one to impress, I just go to get a good workout and learn some technique, it is not cool for him to get out of hand. He says it's an accident--the way he says it you know he is lying. I tell him that's B.S. and its not cool.

I'm really pissed.

I really want to let out some steam. I really want to say to him that just because I made the mistake of buying a house in an area with a bunch of rednecks it doesn't mean I want anything to do with the freakin' rednecks. I don't want their women, I don't want to impress their women, there is no threat of me having anything to do with their women. For some reason, local girls tend to hang out at this place and sit around and watch, last night was packed with these meandering girl. It's not cool to be at least four time stronger than me and hit me with a a forceful left hook when I'm going light and I'm not being forceful.

I keep cool and don't say any of that. I just unwrap and leave.

Man, I don't want to deal with this guy. It's a not fear thing, it's a disgust thing. What a coward, going full force during a sparring session when the guy you are fighting is not even remotely your size, your experience and is not being forceful.

So, what the helk would you guys do?

I have a feeling this a-hole is going to want to talk to me sometime. If he does, I know I'm going to tell him to effe off--I'm not lying I will say that. I know if he ever tries talking to me I am going to tell him to effe off we are not friends and I don't intend to be his friend. I'm private, stick to myself and mind my own business; I expect the same from him.

Any thoughts?

BulldogWrestler2011-09-28 07:19:30 +0000 #2
Quit the gym and find somewhere else to train.

You won't learn anything there and you'll just be the "beating boy" for a looooooooong time. No need for any of that.
DriveBy732011-09-28 07:57:27 +0000 #3
AdviceNeeded2011-09-28 08:23:59 +0000 #4

Originally Posted by BulldogWrestler

Quit the gym and find somewhere else to train.

You won't learn anything there and you'll just be the "beating boy" for a looooooooong time. No need for any of that.

Thanks for the suggestion, but the other two classes are fine--Muy Thai and Jiu-Jitsu.

The Boxing class is a problem. Dealing with this guy in the future is a problem.

The Boxing class I will still go to because the majority of it is building endurance. I know the instructor is a punk, but his life issues are not my problem.

This dude, not certain what to do about him other than just telling him to eff off if he tries talking to me. I am not going to spar with him in the future that is for sure. So, there is very little chance I am going to be used a walking punching bag.

Again, there is no excuse for poor sportsmanship. It's not a macho thing, it's a reasonable thing. Throw in the ring the best feather weight and have him fight a moderate heavy weight and the majority of the time the heavy weight is going to win.

All these sports are size and strength dependent. There are exceptions but they are exceptions. But still, technique may help quite a bit but strength, size with moderate technique is more than likely to win.
AdviceNeeded2011-09-28 07:41:48 +0000 #5

Originally Posted by DriveBy73

Wow! Over 7,000 posts in six years. Jesus, man, do you ever spend time training? Do you spend time with women? Do you have friends?

I have nothing against anyone of any race, but I am white; I am not a redneck.

It is clear to me you have a little bit of irritation behind the neck; it can't be from the sun with 7,000 posts. It has to be from a lot of stroking. I'm pretty sure your knees are also pretty soar and red.
DriveBy732011-09-28 09:03:15 +0000 #6
Over six years that's about 3 posts a day on average. You make no sense, what does race have to do with me not wanting to read your lame ass post?

BTW my knees are fine because I wear very good knee pads but thank you for your concern.



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