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Alexander/Matthysse: ANOTHER Shi+ Decision WEREWOLF2011-08-14 18:11
First Lucas Matthysse gets robbed of his win against Zab Judah and now Devon Alexander. I might as w
Wladimir Klitschko/David Haye- June 20th! WEREWOLF2011-08-14 04:16 Should be an explosive fight!
Nick Charles Passes Away Sofargone2011-08-10 18:19
Always liked Charles and his commentary on Showtime boxing. He also anchored a sports show on CNN wi
Froch/Johnson This Saturday- Who Wins? WEREWOLF2011-08-08 06:19
Froch by late round KO. Kessler is on the undercard. Showtime broadcast. Sebastian Zbik/Julio C
De La Hoya enters rehab split decision2011-08-05 18:13
From the "everybody's human" file, Oscar needs help for some sort of addiction. There are certain gu
Roy Jones knocked out by Lebedev Sofargone2011-08-04 05:26
Jones almost made it to the end and got KTFO with seconds left. I think it will end badly for Jones
Hopkins vs Pascal tonight! 5/21 seansloan2011-08-02 19:23
This is a rematch Im looking forward tonight.Does B-hop have the fire to dig deep again or was the f
Funny yoga posture for better kicks? lol Defender2011-08-02 12:24 Funny ****.
James Kirkland KO'ed out (knocked down 3x)!!!! dhk19802011-07-24 00:15 wow, this is a shocker. when i was watching this l
Kick Boxing Machine Mark_of_A_Beast2011-07-23 02:20
Caught this on AOTS the other night and never seen it pop up here pretty damn impressive.
its Showtime - Lyon (france) Badr return fight kickboxer19872011-07-20 14:12
Saw this on a Dutch kickboxing site. VIDEO - Badr Hari vs Tony Gregory - Its Showtime Lyon : h
Pacman/Molsley Discussion Onion2011-07-18 13:13
What time, roughly, does the main event start? It's the only fight I wanna see. Hopefully there
Abraham/Ward- Who Wins? WEREWOLF2011-07-12 18:24
The fight is set for May 14th. Is anyone giving Abraham a chance in this one?
I found this funny: Caseco Twins Got Caught BulldogWrestler2011-07-10 06:15
JuanMA vs Salido dhk19802011-07-05 19:19
Holy****! this is a great fight too. and Juan MA gets dropped in the 5th RD.
Berto/Ortiz- Holy Shi+ What a Fight! (Spoilers) WEREWOLF2011-07-02 03:17
Damn! I knew this fight had potential but I honestly expected Berto to blast Ortiz out early. Ortiz
Adamek Beats McBride, Ready for Klitschko! WEREWOLF2011-07-01 08:24
Buakaw stars in the Yamada Movie BruceLee2011-07-01 05:18
Starring Buakaw (with Yodensklai) Trailer:
Golden Glory World Series (KICKBOX TOURNEY) mr.breezer2011-06-30 11:22
David Lemieux/Marco Antonio Rubio on ESPN This Friday! WEREWOLF2011-06-26 16:14 Rubio will be a good
Opinions and/or feedback about fighting competitively...? Jackie2011-06-26 05:20
I realize no one can make my mind up for me, just looking for some feedback. I've been going to
Robert Helenius vs Samuel Peter 4/2 Sofargone2011-06-05 15:17
Peter looked like an old flabby bastard in gettting KTFO this past Saturday.
Spectacular A-Class fight Michael Duut vs Enrique Zowa KickboxTV2011-06-01 02:22
Spectacular A-Class fight 3x3 min Michael Duut vs Enrique Zowa 03-27-2011 with lots of knock downs.
Yuriorkis Gamboa vs. Jorge Solis on HBO dogofwar2011-05-22 16:36
I know with free UFC this fight could slide under the radar, but Gamboa is one of the most exciting
Lucian Bute/Brian Magee WEREWOLF2011-05-22 03:31
Airs tonight on Showtime. I've never heard of Magee. Bute might be the best super-middleweight in th
Vitali Klitschko Stops Solis in One! WEREWOLF2011-05-22 00:16 Next up Adamek.
Heavy Bag for home use? Jackie2011-05-21 19:14
Anyone have a heavy bag that they use at home? If so, mine telling me which one you got? Looking f
Sergio Martinez/Sergei Dzinziruk (Spoilers) WEREWOLF2011-05-15 22:15
Did any of you guys catch this fight on HBO last night? Turned out to be a great double header.
Nintendo's new Philliphino Hero! dhk19802011-05-15 03:24
Move out of the way Pacman! Here comes Nonito Donaire!!!!! wow, this kid is sensational. what a coun
Fight Camp 360 will be on CBS dogofwar2011-05-08 04:53
The lead up for Pacquiao vs. Mosley, FIGHT CAMP 360°: Pacquiao vs. Mosley will air on both CBS and S
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