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I would like to ask from 1995 to 2009 Mitsubishi WRC Rally What's the name all call each one prefera

super cute silly girl2010-02-20 18:10:35 +0000 #1
Mitsubishi WRC would like to know more about a number of very beautiful models if 2005 was not such a name is called EVO a few big please Xia help out 啦
ValerieKK2010-02-20 18:19:18 +0000 #2
04, and in 2005 was not used in Lancer EVO, but the Lancer, so they are called Lancer WRC04/05

1-3 is the Lancer Evolution WRC1

4-6 is the Lancer Evolution WRC2

7 is the Lancer Evolution WRC3

1973 Nian -1982 years, Mitsubishi WRC car is Lancer, 83 began 4WD B Group race, suspend WRC, Glant VR4 Group A match has to go off, but the results so-so, 1988 Strion years could have been invincible in the B group match, unfortunately 88 years of Lancia major incident, resulting in revocation of FIA Group B match

89 years, Mitsubishi continued to play for WRC N group Glant alternate race until 1992 for use Lancer EVO Start

to say that Marlboro is the appearance of a beautiful painting painted version of the 4-6 generation of

the other versions are EVO WRC, 6 on behalf of the special 1:00 EVO TME WRC

you go to check rallyart site will have a

but no big plans, big plans are charging VIP members area, 2,500 yen a month, English as if only a small map



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