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Is there no information on the video interviews KIMI

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Kimi Raikkonen Spa Preview

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1.21 the beginning of Kimi

Kimi Belgian Grand Prix RTL interview
snowmount2010-02-20 21:22:06 +0000 #3
Kimi Raikkonen believes that to get WRC world champion than to take F1 world champion means more. Quit F1 switch to WRC, was Raikkonen as the biggest challenge of his career.

2007's F1 world champion, Finnish driver Kimi - Kimi Raikkonen this year to switch to WRC (World Rally Championship) arena, he joined the youth team Citroen.

"(WRC Champion) than I am of the F1 world title means more," Raikkonen on the "Red Bull newspaper," said. "I have only just begun to reach that point, I could feel a long way to go."

Raikkonen believes his career into the WRC is the biggest challenge encountered because of tension in all venues are for him is fresh.

"Is definitely the biggest challenge I have faced," said the Finn. "I need to learn everything from the draft standard. But I want to challenge. I have to find the car, rally, how to with my pilotage (Lin's Storm) work, everything. My first few rallies, will certainly be very difficult. Until I know how fast the other drivers, I expect to retain any individual. I can determine is that I can not expect to keep pace with the top four (Loeb, Sordo, Hirvonen, Latvala). "

" In F1, politics is an exciting one. and a better atmosphere of the rally here was less involved in politics, more depending on driver performance. "

Kimi Raikkonen, said to participate in Rally as if to re-find yourself racing career, the beginning of feeling.

"I have recovered a number of young Kimi feeling," said Raikkonen describes. "World Rally Car in Finland than last year, I drive the car faster and harder to manage S2000. For the drivers it ten times better, and more horsepower. That is why you can still get out of danger. If you do not replace a turbo-charged engine, the Fiat ran wide, then you play end. "

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Yes, speed broadcast sports networks have their own to find the next bar



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