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Dakar Rally there are several places do not quite understand? ? ?

China Aegis 20082010-01-23 21:01:59 +0000 #1
Motorcycles If puncture of how to do? Why is it called T4 truck? T4 trucks are not also participate in the competition but also to help the team repair and car wash, if not, is not there is another responsible for the maintenance of the truck.
Maple Heart Sony Ericsson2010-01-23 21:11:59 +0000 #2
1. Motorcycle players in the race puncture, you can take with other drivers changing tires, but it seems not ready for new tires without permission (because the new tires this year, privately Coma, group Commission fined him six hours, for Coma is still not convinced, he said he did not change tires. previously heard of such reports, so I estimate that the tire can not be new ones)

2. Why is called T4 because he is a four-wheel-drive truck, Dakar Truck Group T4 trucks, there are specialized to participate in the game T4 trucks (eg, Kamaz and man), and back-up maintenance T4 trucks, those trucks, but also maintenance of T4 to participate in the game .

As you said, specialize in the repair of the truck, a kind of general rescue vehicles (T5), he did not participate in the competition, is responsible for maintenance, the route is also participating with the vehicle fleet.

What kind of books the way the pilot, I would just be slower to catch in the program have seen, that is a little books where there are a lot of small lattice, and then the pilot painted colorful, and I made a plan it, it had Carles Puyol is the road book motorcycle riders.

and then the way the vehicle section of the book:

Then the last question: Not all books have the traffic road, like last year, Sainz in a pit in the roll-over, but the pit road the book does not have. In the concrete do not know, not seen crossing the books Well, Hehe -

I know there really that many may have somewhat imprecise.



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