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Four-wheel modified on the Mini

Hail of the2010-04-08 13:10:02 +0000 #1
Now I have out, and a child playing triangular construction, the spider what the king, ultra light motor, the placement of metallic lead also to fly, now how are all of carbon fiber into a = =?

My question:

1: metal was now leading good or good? Bahrain car today, I really doubt he can fly out.

2: I see what war dragon-wheel-drive in a teaching video, and even roller (which is called that, right? Is with both the inner tire root stick) are hollow plastic, that does not even fly, if the set if The more light the better equipment, how can we not fly? 3: now we will do business, buy a metal wheel is not the sponge round, is rubber! And within a bearing (which is called this, and that is something with the ball inside) is not balls! Even a single purchase! Particularly well the previous round sponge, tire much better than this! What kind of tire is best? I always feel inadequate grip sponge round, but a bad rubber. 4: Hot Wheels Why are all plastic? When I play there is a circle of rubber sleeve, which good? Rubber sleeve there any?

5: Now tell us all the cartoons in a car, name, features, Which is best 6: Where there is four wheel drive competition? 7: There are no professional four-wheel enthusiasts? What is done is within their own species

Finally, I 80, all to you, I hope a good answer,, thank you thank you! ! ! ! !

lclzc1232010-04-08 13:13:54 +0000 #2
answer began

1: Now you can use with fiber glass fiber reinforced carbon leading almost! So they can keep the balance with the weight of vehicles increases, if you must add the leading of the glass or steel rod of Pteris -! This can effectively solve the balance of the car in motion. The answer can be solved with the second question first, it may not be the most effective, but very practical. (Glass fiber reinforced plastic than metal, the leading light with Pteris)

3: roller bearings are mounted on wheels to speed up the speed on the use of personal feeling, but not necessary, the speed can only improve a little. I used to play when the car is usually behind the front tire is a rubber sponge that is going to better complement each other. There are Hot Wheels is a non-actual things can not solve the problem. I answer to solve this problem with 3 and 4. 5: anime-wheel-drive car I only know this kid is better, but you have to ask Which I can only tell you not when I used to play the best car car car car is called Kosovo, the best use of time The chassis design of the car showing a streamline -!

6: I can be considered fans, and most sites I do not have tools, but the motor I could never have come out of his own doing the absolute ratio of the market sell cheap and fast speed, I then play a motor car motor Japanese devil Names 300 coins to buy

My answer finished exhausted me -! ! - Did not understand we can continue to ask me to discuss
the only love ACG2010-04-08 13:54:32 +0000 #3
body elections precipitation. Select a good tire grip points. Hot Wheels with a rubber sleeve with a circle game - - a place to sell models once a year you should be able to fly further than any car - -



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