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What girl for riding a road race

Tingting 12092010-04-19 17:11:48 +0000 #1
elaborate thank you
oycmax2010-04-19 17:14:44 +0000 #2
Hello beautiful, you do not understand the question asked, first of all you are a novice (not riding any motorcycle) or veteran (ridden more than 250CC locomotive). What is the car you play? Also how much you want to buy your car? Your question was not clear.

If you are a novice I would recommend you -

Imitation Racing: CBR 22 250CC 5000-1W power around enough for novices to manipulate light

ZXR 250CC 5000-1.2W Hu Die lights around motivated, maintenance costs are too high

CBR 29 400CC 1W- The linear power is about 1.8W are suitable for novice ride. Why did not I tell you recommend RVF 35 a? I think the V4 is not suitable for novice ride, but also experience the thrill of it will not sound that terrible, there is too much vibration.

Street Car: Honda Hornet 250CC 9000-3.4W little different years, the movement of different prices in different

Honda VTR 250CC 8000-1.8W I feel in this street car is suitable for two women to ride, good handling, fuel consumption is also low, external type is the artistic sense.

YAMAHA XJR 400CC I do not recommend it? Control is not bad, is on two women who I think is not enough light, a little too big. There is also very hot in summer. It is the oil should be cold heat.

Well, told you so many of the recommendations which are suitable for two women riding, riding a motorcycle safety course, modern discovery is also important to buy a car but do not forget to buy the helmet a little better is ARAI, AGV, Marushin and other first-line brand. Made the best cost-effective permanent helmet, try not to wear shorts or pants to ride a motorcycle in the leg.
Forget love salt2010-04-19 17:42:09 +0000 #3
riding large Falcon, definitely pull the wind, ha ha, kidding. Girls want to ride the car, but cars are heavy, 250's not what it means 400 are not light, you can get vehicles to consider street cars, bandits what must be racing, I have no recommendation, it Honda rvf 35 bar, preferably modified what, my friend converted the car and feel good.



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