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Racing driver's license

Qinqinqiyue2010-04-20 16:12:26 +0000 #1
I was 15 years old Beijing where the car driver's license test? How much? How many days? Lining 300 to 10 000 home enough? When enrollment?
friend PK2010-04-20 16:18:30 +0000 #2
Enough! ! ! 18 years old to test aircraft photos, wanted to test super frame according to the Chinese how many people can neither admitted.
Melancholy prince ADAM2010-04-20 16:55:35 +0000 #3
First of all, or in accordance with the requirements of the Chinese Automobile Federation to participate in racing training, obtain a temporary rally Class D license. National average price of the initial training is generally around 6,000 training days, training is generally the technology driving the car and some security measures so you will not have much to teach driving skills, because you then still in the initial stage .

Get a D-class license after the temporary pull your car very happy to become a racing driver, but still is the primary driver, then you will know down to see earlier. According to FIA regulations, you take your D license must participate in the Pro Rally two stops short track national car rally, then so you can replace the second year of formal competition D photographed. Speaking of the National Rally Championship and the National Short Track Auto Rally Championship I need to explain it because a lot of friends, these two names is difficult to understand. First you get the race according to D after the interim you can enroll in the National Rally car short track competition among the B group (amateur category), then so can you have a chance to any B group took the top three after a sub-station , next year you can participate in group A match (professional category). A group in which you ran a very good performance and even won many races, or you go after a championship year in the National Rally Championship, you will feel the inside of the master too much, you could not get title or even ending it all by brush to the results. Well said, back to the topic, if you have economic power, then when you get D after the fact, according to the official Rally is a racing driver you have, and the purpose has been achieved, then further down would cost a lot of. You can not participate in any short track race, you see that the Chinese CRC (China Rally Championship) in which groups more than you prefer, there are N4, N2, S1, S2, S3 so many groups, you can be arbitrarily selected, those groups are the highest group N4 group game master is the largest and most expensive group, but you can choose to open-wheel-drive car EVO or STI, it is very stimulating, and can feel very strongly over bending drift that pleasure. N4 is that I took a good, because I ran the more familiar situation in N4. You do not expect a fledgling team will call you, you have to buy their own cars to 跑跑 Taiwan N4, and N4 retired general to buy half the price of the car in the 25-50 million range, depending upon your selection of car equipment situation. After you bought the car the most economical way is to find a team, so they are responsible for your car maintenance and oil logistics of what is generally bring their own car to join the team race, the team generally charge a service fee is 30000-4 million. Team to provide maintenance, the provision of general aviation fuel, tune your car for computers, tires, the only way. Then you slowly this way Run, run 5 races a year, you have to prepare is to race for hundreds of thousands of parts and car repair money, etc. After you have spent more than a million cases there will be two, and One is that you do have power, so that the team would consider pulling the team you do get points for the drivers, then so you do not pay for anything not control, the team will help you return your room and board is responsible for all costs, car Of course, not to worry, the team will have the car ready for you to give you the best resources with the team, you can have games played per game fee, you become a real professional driver, this prerequisite for all is the start you have to compete at their own expense. Another situation that is not what you run results, then you just continue to spend a lot of money to run their own race, a driver is at their own expense. The basic drivers to Cheng Wei finished the route and tell you, that the above conditions are economically, it is not so much money for you, they should not worry, as long as you think you are talented drivers with power drivers are still Chedui please you to.

You even do not want to spend so a lot of money, you still have to spend a little money to get D provisional license, then you can start the car crazy, and it is only short-track race to participate in it. Every time you want to short-track race in the A group achieved good results, it can get thousands of pieces of the bonus car, so you run it a lot of races the team out of some money to give you some 跑跑 Short Track , and it still will not have to spend money N4 group of your team, it is absolutely, you have to prove that he is talented driver, then go rent a car, the price at around 80,000, you can try a fame, as long as you can before the first game three of the country N4 group, I believe that the team certainly will ask you to do the drivers. We like the cars do not lose heart says he has no money opportunity, I believe you spent 1500 to run a short track rally total afford it, the better to participate in group B, and to enter the top 10, then you can back 500 application fee, the top six at a premium, B is the 5000 first prize, second 3000, third 2000, fourth in 1000, the first anonymous 800, sixth 500. Play racing is such a very real, the rich do not necessarily have to participate in after good results, then that is in the enjoyment of motorsport, if able to run pretty good result that some return, or else burn up. Not so much money that is not no way, that is, bet you can not go out looking for a dime a N4 team sign a contract, if there is money and ran all the costs of the first three teams out, if not run into In accordance with the first three then ran a game to a team that spent 80 000 on when is the cost of rental, so the opportunity is always there, the opportunity is waiting for the arrival of a talented driver, driver genius should dare to accept the such opportunities, but I have a sentence of advice to drivers is not the case Nerishige of genius. Motorsport has always been one of the main burn, no strong economic strength is difficult to enter the



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