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Brookfield Community Charity Ride, Houston, Texas

marni2010-04-27 08:34:49 +0000 #1
today was the annual Brookfield Community Ride. This is a 300 person community of phyusically and mentally handicapped adults about 40 miles NW of Houston near Brookshire. They are totally self supporting and self sustaining financially by growing natural vegetables, a sod farm, and well known cafe and gift store where they sell all of the other things from fine soap, jewelry, herbal essences, greeting cards and much more.

My SAG Guy and I did the ride, planning to do 50 miles. 35 miles into the ride his wheel went off the edge and he ended up on his back in a ditch of shallow muddy water with the bike on top of him.

He is doing ok, ended up with a broken little finger , a bit of road rash and bunch of bruises. His bike has a bent rear wheel, a muck packed into every possible orifice and crevice and damage to the handle bar.

The important thing is that he is ok, although disappointed at not having finished to ride. Maybe next year.

TxDoc2010-04-27 08:49:28 +0000 #2
How are you guys doing, did your friend recover?



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