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Wanting to do charity bike ride but very nervous

Hugodini2012-01-08 08:16:09 +0000 #1
Hello everyone

My name's Jaq and i'm from Devon in England. I have been cycling daily for about 18 months but i'm a bit of an ambler. I'd really like to improve my cycling and fitness to be able to do a charity bike ride for The British Heart Foundation in 2012 from Vietnam to Cambodia. However, I am overweight so i seriously need to improve my fitness and I just wouldn't know where to begin with training. I have asked a few friends if they would be interested in doing the challenge with me but so far there have been no takers

Can anyone advise me on how to get started? Should i start with a specific distance and slowly increase this? If so, by how much and how soon? How many days should i be cycling?

So many questions - sorry

Can anyone help?
Muirenn2012-01-08 08:18:13 +0000 #2
I guess to answer, we need to know how far you cycle daily now.

Offhand I would say to slowly increase the speed and distance, and maybe do those types of rides every other day eventually. On the non-cycling training days do some cross-training like yoga, pilates, elliptical machines, specific upper body training, and the like.

Do you commute daily? Or is that a nice easy ride for fitness and enjoyment?

It's a great start getting on the bike every day. For me, riding hard daily would aggrevate my repaired knee. But if I do it lightly I can ride every day.

Just something to think about.

Welcome to TE.



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