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Why did the networks do a big trophy?

garysays2010-01-19 07:01:23 +0000 #1
Previous indeed a bit too compact, too, but now "the atmosphere" of the bar, feeling a little not suited to holding a championship, it is recommended reading microfilm look like - how you look at it?
infiltrators2010-01-19 07:05:13 +0000 #2
for future efforts to enhance higher level, Beijing's plan is the first women's crown + men's 500-level, after which both men and women over to the 1000 points level, the final (ideal) can be promoted to the fifth-largest full consistent race, most of the men's Masters ATP1000-level men's singles first prize is 610,000 dollars or so. The net level of women's prize money is 775,000 U.S. dollars WTA1000 men albeit ATP500 level, but the bonus of 50 million dollars, we must know that Shanghai Masters ATP1000-level men's singles champion Chu Tou A 60 million dollars.
Salted2010-01-19 07:28:02 +0000 #3
because it is not known, it is necessary like players impressed, put the most intuitive thing to do eye-catching point of the



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