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Strong dissatisfaction

mvp noodle2010-01-19 13:01:26 +0000 #1
1. In previous years in the network, including last year's Olympic Games, a VIP can see a matinee or evening performance in all games venues. VIP Queba this year, the central court and the No. 1 court separately required to hold two pairs of votes in order to look at competition venues, too inhumane a. And off-screen broadcast of the Central Stadium only game, so want to see No. 1 Stadium spectators do not see that game is regrettable.

2. The central court let bring bottled drinks! Allowed to bring paper cups, then should be allowed to volunteer at the door made cups, water buckle at the door, the audience can only be thirsty and have to commute out of water, which affects only players. And this year there is no attendant on-site VIP bottled water and snacks in, VI a P呀!

3. Home the traffic was too convenient! Compared to the South Ring Road, the North Fifth Ring of the taxis and public transport is too small, the audience would not hit so many cars, but also not make it into the net 81 and the shuttle, how you let the audience go home? Only peak load shifting, or exit to see half of the game, or watching games, and other large waves were scattered longer rely on low. Had no car and did not dare read a full night games, otherwise, no Metro bus, and rental Dabu Zhao, shuttle could not be sent home, nor the hotels around the venue, the audience supposed to?

Hope that next year the organizing committee to solve these problems.

infiltrators2010-01-19 13:04:32 +0000 #2
tent, I see a lot next to the Olympic park, tie the tent is estimated to be reading in the net had no place to go哈哈.



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