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Sharapova has been living in the calculation of the net Fixtures

infiltrators2010-01-19 16:01:35 +0000 #1
Tokyo .. although the first-round bye after winning yesterday, carry out the first game, and carried out more than two hours. Less than 24 hours today, the second immediately arranged match is going too far ..... do not know whether it is considered for the next round opponent is deliberately arranged Peng Shuai sense ... In short Sharapova later physically obvious that some moral one ..
Acai2010-01-19 16:17:16 +0000 #2
In fact, 16 of the game, is divided into two days to complete, that is, can also be played on Thursday, as Williams was relegated to playing tomorrow, so the arrangements for the General Assembly .. ....

And last night, Sharapova has also been invited to attend the dinner in the net, playing for three hours, he attended a dinner, physical inevitably a moral one.

If you always look at her press conference after the game, we know that she is so to say. Praised the opponent will not say that they in the end what happened. Prior to the shoulder in April 2008 there will be problems, has also been said that nothing good was the result should be forced to retire in July, and things that shoulder problems before the outbreak, but also serious enough to cut ... halo.
earlysummer2010-01-19 16:48:26 +0000 #3
Peng Shuai ah

Once on shore the same day, today's singles, doubles there at night ---
ritatao2010-01-19 17:06:10 +0000 #4
the entire network in a total of only a few days ah, really mentally

Zhengjieyanzi 1:00 last night and hit the afternoon, it had to lay a
yuming07092010-01-19 16:25:09 +0000 #5
Sharapova after the match himself said, this is not grounds for losing



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