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In the net I see, must-read

kenwang2010-01-19 18:01:09 +0000 #1
today to the scene looking for a day in the net, there are a few ideas, speak out:

a, Spectators, many viewers do not pay attention to ritual

concept of race etiquette, to speak loudly when the players hit the ball Then cell phones, it will affect the players, but also hinder others Spectators; more terrible is that an old chap in front of me, when a loud cry in the Jankovic serve to make audience great deal of notice. Jankovic has been actively responding to a double fault.

2, line

I did not go to center court today, mainly in the playground watching, but also the way to other stadium stroll stroll. The Secretary-line part of our efforts seem very focused, lazy. Division line in tennis is very important, hard to believe that such a state of intense competition to make accurate judgments.

3, many of our staff in English

English proficiency is not high. I saw the players and sometimes the staff in English, several times, no reaction of the staff, the players get very embarrassed.

4, logo

I have come today from North Star West, did not see the network of signs, stop their cars and asked the volunteers, before we know to be from the west gate to enter. If you set some of the signs on the surrounding roads would be more convenient with viewers game.

In the Network organized a few years, this is my first time to the scene view of race, culture, fun tennis experience, but also hope that the network address problems in the network to become better and better.

Persian Dog2010-01-19 18:15:55 +0000 #2
Slowly Come on, tennis in China have not formed a stable large-scale audience, many people are curious to go and watch lot of popularity after the game ceremonial bar ... ...

PS I called yesterday to see the students Sharapova that field, sitting next to several people who do not know Roger Federer.
taikankyoku2010-01-19 18:37:27 +0000 #3
From the beginning, go on the 2nd game, and has been insisting until today, although the ballpark is a piece a very happy thing, but still very depressed:

The most obvious is that the organization is very unsatisfactory.

2, we have to bring their own water, security of the time for us to let us open the drink into a 1; 3,4 numbers we brought the water, the results of security to block with water, let us go in to buy, we only threw up the water; 5, we are very obedient did not take the water to go in their approach to buy a bottle of water before watching a result, ticket people blocking us, and wants to tell us to replace the paper cups, or not allow band into! The most exasperating is when we question why there has been changing the time, the staff actually said, "absolutely impossible, we have always been like this required!" Very serious omission!

Reference desk volunteers are very professional, helped us solve many problems, but we asked if the volunteers on the road a number of game information and venue information, actually a lot of people are very impatient to answer "do not know, do you ask someone else." people are helpless. Although the "volunteers", people do not see the "voluntary" means.



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