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Nadal's game No. 8 during the day or night?

jsczlyz19882010-01-19 18:01:15 +0000 #1
Such as title, Xie -
infiltrators2010-01-19 18:04:15 +0000 #2
According to this arrangement of a two-day race can be seen basically in the day the men's singles, women's race at night, because the net is a WTA tournament crown, so give priority to women's event in the evening. The semi-finals and final, should all be such an arrangement. Therefore, no accident or Nadal's game during the day. Daytime screenings are generally 11 to 19 points the beginning, usually arranged four games (if it can continue to watch the battle is not over). The evening games during the day events because of time may be long, so only arranged two games.



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