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Does the network Shi line come from?

enjoy_ten_9eqsx2010-01-19 18:01:40 +0000 #1
In the center court and external Stadium saw a few days, watch a lot of games televised live. These facilities line the floor feeling lazy, there is no waking, like the second voice finally shouted out, not by direct commuted referee is to be Hawkeye confirmed that they were Luanhan most of the time. Here, I'm not complaining that they can not miscarriage of justice, but if too large, then the chances of miscarriage of justice, is not it should be a good reflection, is of no use staring line to see? Or was it live on the bad eyesight?
infiltrators2010-01-19 18:14:10 +0000 #2
are temporary looking, trained admitted after the selection. Part of the previous divisions in the network cable, but this year's event escalation of the Division needs more lines, inevitably uneven level of ...



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