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Look at 2009 in the network felt ripped off who is going to pay 80 yuan to fight the fare?

2009fchin_fbktq2010-01-19 19:01:43 +0000 #1
Look at 2009 in the network felt ripped off who is going to pay 80 yuan to fight the fare?

I see in today's networks, to buy votes during the day and evening tickets, go when it comes to, guided a number of subway has finally arrived

up to the Olympic Park, and then went to cook the National Tennis Center, a free shuttle bus , one arrival, they begin to buy a ticket and check

votes, relying on ah, but still allow water into the zone, that is, on-site test is not OK to drink, good, I'll bear down and put their hard

bought several bottles mineral water to throw away, and let's learn from the networks are and the Olympic Games, ah, ah simple, and then I went to

inside to buy drinks to drink, relying on ah, but still the prices extremely high, opening is necessary to 10, thinking that : I smashed into the bottles of water, but also

10 quick money to buy a bottle of astronomical drinks and water, depend on, ah, the train also five quick, you have the net too牛逼, is not like

money like crazy the ah, and forbearance of the bar, and then bought two bottles of drink, bought finished, said that if the on-site drinking, they must use their

provided by the cups, I was suddenly mine a bit, feeling had never seen such a metamorphosis of , I bought a drink to buy the water, and

actually, let me also have to use their cups, true BT, and then took a two, to watch the game inside, and knew the

to noon, and read Several players training and competition, people have to eat at noon ah, looking for a long time found in the annex with the surrounding rice

gallery and a place to eat is not, ah, go out also can not go out on could not come, and what is inside a man named RBT The fast-food

, the next question should be a package, the opening is necessary to 35 yuan, I once again was mine a bit, my ticket was the number of Boyd, but still eat rice and drink plenty of water

the kill hundreds of the ah, I Tate far come from watching other provinces have been very easy, actually inside

fast food so high, thinking, people are first-class event ah, anyway, so once a year also, eat, and attendants from the inside out

face to give me a fast-food containers, open a view, on the rice and less than 5 m and 2 of the soybeans are not quick beef, there are a few

pieces potatoes, depending on, again mine collapsed, a kind of wanted to go to feeling, but evening tickets were bought in the market, they put it,.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . Omitted from the middle of things, such as at night then look at Li's game, relying on, such as the fast 8:00, and Li Na

The match began reading the competition, 10 points actually faster, and go visit the back way to go, what kind of car actually not a

, with a return journey of the bus are not saying that all at 9:30, and I rely on, then we bought tickets late games does it mean that since the

unlucky ah, if the race hit 12 points, we take the road in Malaysia overnight ah,

jessnie2010-01-19 19:13:28 +0000 #2
very sympathetic to your plight, but I think you should be clear that this race around the things that are commercial in flavor high cost and is it normal. Like the cinema, like, your going to say stuff inside the non-outside expensive than many do? ? Commodity prices are determined by many factors, the hotel inside a bottle of Coca-Cola money, it is also 10. Approach are not allowed to bring in water, are clearly spelled out on the tickets, but already has his own reasons, the airport does not do the same? Not in order for all of us safe? This approach is to use paper cups at the security considerations, not to mention paper cups are sent to you, so you pays for it? I am not the organizers, I just like you who go to watch the match, very sympathetic to your plight, but I think you should consider various rational, organized a tennis tournament, the organizers would like to sponsor is definitely beneficial to be diagram, this is not charity, but also can not consider each of the viewers are so thoughtful. You may participate in such activities is also the first time, hope that you will mature a bit, considering issues not to be so too simple, radical!
Flying2010-01-19 19:15:01 +0000 #3
a floor that is obviously a drag, first and foremost the issue of water, let the water go in with just being is to get the audience into buying those high-priced water, imagine what would happen if you do not, inside the high-priced water, how to sell out, Security as an excuse is just a pretext. Feeding problems, because you can take solid food to go, I do not say anything, at least to the audience bring their own things into opportunities. For the evening's game, Lou Zhu mentioned in the 8:00 approach, because matinee game until around 7:40, so 8:00 was dragged into, the question is an understandable, but the late game after the bus I really Xiang Ma 2, 10:30 Li kick down the game, a group of people out there are one (just one) bus is not so, on what to say should be left to the last game finished out of the audience as a result, a large group of people to crowded public transport. Is clearly written in official Web, there have been bus, the result is that so? Do not say anything without taking into account the Manga, playing tennis a long time plan is very common for tardiness, which are really an idiot can not think of
infiltrators2010-01-19 19:24:28 +0000 #4
water and food to your question is in fact nothing more than European and American integration, but we have converted into yuan will feel expensive, but much cheaper than Wimbledon. 've Been to several times in the nets, food and water is indeed ridiculously expensive, but no way, business is business, not a white-out sponsorship money, and the other the high-reward tennis competition sponsors positioning itself is the spending power of populations, or how to become a lead sponsor, Mercedes-Benz dealers. In other words, either you own car, or you'll have to solve the traffic problems in their riding. After all, see the early morning bus ride home was also depend on the exact small. This is business positioning problems, nothing wrong! ! ! As for water and food ready for the best strategy for their own, such as the noon games, you can eat lunch in advance, and then approach. Is said to bring their own water bottles home. Late-night out before the start of something to eat, and then approach. In the network to attract so many big names to Beijing have been very easy, as individuals, do not count on eating and drinking problems in the safety net or their own to find ways to solve them. Want to see high-level competition, they do not want money in only one way at home watching television.
feiyang09_ekopg2010-01-19 19:59:35 +0000 #5
"10 Dian Ban Na race Once on shore, a group of people out there are one (just one) bus is not so, on what to say should be left to the last game finished out of the audience as a result, a large group of people go to crowded public transport. clearly written by official line, there have been bus, the result is that so? Do not say anything without taking into account the Manga, playing tennis a long time plan is very common for tardiness, which are really an idiot can not think of a "
a very agreed yesterday come out and say we have to wait 15 minutes before opening, even though people have a lot. A result, I do bus and thought it would be quick, because I live in the Asian Games Village. A result, and so on to a bus that a stop to the finish. Then just sit and look at the car from the front of the organizing committee before, clear the intestines faster regret. Also at last, etc. to a 81 road, a bunch of people Jixiang the front door, even also saw a gray-haired old lady. Driver not open the back door, saying that votes can not brush. But as I have not make it up and in the end not to open a back door. Can only say that spent so much money to do activities, vehicles, services, and thoughtful consideration too, and basically no sense of service. Even around the rental would not hit that black cars, Asian Games Village mouth opening to 20. Really do not want cheap black car.
enjoy_ten_9eqsx2010-01-19 21:14:46 +0000 #6
I think Lou Zhu said, mostly true, I feel the same, but one thing a slight exaggeration, it is not inside the water bottle 10 but three. Of course, the premise that I was on the 5th to go, if 6 rose to 10, and then there would be no exaggeration Lou Zhu, Ha ha!

I think the network organizers should really reflect on what a good, not tournament-level rise, on the end of the story, but in fact, only the related services keep pace with only worthy of a crown-class events, otherwise, would be for all scolded.

I think this is the most funny lines and caddy gang Shi (Of course, the audience do not understand tennis etiquette are out there, but I think this is not the day, two days can be changed, so this will not mention), Shi-line does not awake most of the same as if a terrible event referee, then the referee on the busy commute, combined with Hawkeye's help, almost useless bunch of Shi-line is basically do not use. Then is the caddy, as if will not drop, and some is simply to pound the ball directly to athletes, read really makes the bashful. I think that group of people Does not training? ? If the training, can train just going through the motions? Do not assess induction? ?
Streaker time2010-01-19 19:32:20 +0000 #7
I do not understand the national day, when security is bound to strictly Louzhu Do not know?

Do not watch the game to surf the Internet to see if the relevant Guide to do? I just read the official website of the event guide for soft drinks with no problem. . Do not act like children 4 to blame in this. .
iheartten_2ffyh2010-01-19 21:05:52 +0000 #8
infiltrators I very much agree with your comments, you've been to Wimbledon Mody? Wimbledon French Open, I have seen on the ground, China's tennis is so bad is because the masses of poor foundation, the British tell the truth, not very Kazakhstan tennis, the French people like tennis popularity was a complete mess, a 2000 euros a month pay for less than 100 Europe can look at the French Open final. That is what we should learn! ! You do not have the so-called "through train ride home, did a few" other than the "majority", I am afraid that really understand the beat of no tennis touched a few, I do not criticize these people, just like you, just because he might a little bit with the tennis contact, put their own high forfeit, we have to the public in the network, not your so-called "positioning" in the net! To a distance that the network can do for the Chinese tennis a great thing, rather than just focus on the immediate short-li! !



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