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Strongly urge the organizers to give me a reasonable explanation for

takodajang2010-01-19 20:01:15 +0000 #1
you I really do not know what to say I particularly like the organizers of the network can have a good look at what I wrote, but they simply can not see that they are busy making money ah then

a friend early today and went to the tennis center is to be able to see a small Tak走秀We went there discovered that today is a small German race would change their votes went to see a five-point until we come to that carnival of activities This is the spot for the 5:00 start delayed until 5:40 the results began to have different opinions with the security of our German fans stood for half an hour just to see little disappointing in Germany, but is angry Network KAPPA did not let the small German playing time, I feel I have found is to be deceived by the information kiosk in the network is now being notified of all complaints because of sponsorship KAPPA --- that is, the reason they do not, and the network host to coordinate thus resulting in a Web site information and does not match the real situation I do not see an event of this scale would be out of this amusing incident even a small German did not know such a thing Could it be that which serves KAPPA and sponsors together to deceive us fans do their purposes I think we can understand that before the event did not tell us the news of a small German can not they simply do not understand German fans finally see the views of small Tak bar I've been looking forward to get a small German's signature, but I am extremely disappointed I do not know if there any chance I think the network has organized a few years more and more that should be okay, of course I will not be one-sided look at the problem in some respects the network is doing bad, but I think some of the key details is not able to improve the lot of the fans, let's all hope that China will be able to run the race to come, but why does it hurt our hearts

carrot uncle2010-01-19 20:14:25 +0000 #2
first year in network upgrades, the scale of a sudden event have done so much, it will certainly inexperienced place. The staff really have been particularly busy, they do not want similar incidents, but also fans of you and apologize. As a volunteer, as well as a small German fans, it is understand your feelings. But I really hope that we understand what the network, understand how the network. After all, it is our country, rising an event, let us wish that it become better and better -! !
infiltrators2010-01-19 20:21:18 +0000 #3
Be a sensible fans like to see games, and activities, which serves has always been, not so purists Shier ..
xiaoniba1_9gosr2010-01-19 20:33:40 +0000 #4
would be impossible to do at once, giving the network the space to grow, tolerant of the to deal with it bar!



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