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Is it to buy votes, No. 7, B, or C at night, No. 9 tickets good?

lifeisajoy2010-01-20 09:05:08 +0000 #1
I ask is to buy tickets on the 7th day of the B, No. 9 at night, or C-ticket good? Day night matches played more than the bar. C ticket is not too far to see unclear ah?
junekidd2010-01-20 09:07:05 +0000 #2
I do recommend buying Louzhu No. 7, I read the schedule before the game after that on the 7th best, screening more than cheap, and cost-effective high. The first two you can see more players watch the game, after all, tickets can also look outside the central market games are more choices, indeed, such as upstairs said, not that go to the site feel the atmosphere of the Yao, the words also want to see a high level of not as good as at home watching TV, since the spot of the lot into the game better, it is recommended Kazakhstan, 7 B tickets -



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