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I wanna try!

amyp2011-10-12 06:24:10 +0000 #1
Alright, I've been reading up and watching videos about cyclocross and it gets me so excited but also sad at the same time. I wanna compete in a cyclocross race too!

I'm only a commuter, bike to school, work, get groceries, etc. I usually ride around 15 miles a day with some moderate hills. I don't have a special road bike or anything but it's something that gets me around. I ride a Schwinn Caliente which got converted to a single speed one summer. It has 24" wheels. People tell me it's considered a kids bike because it has 24" wheels. I feel the fit is "ok" sometimes I feel a little crammed. The bike is said to be 49cm but I beg to differ because I built up a Pake ss/fg over the summer with 700cc wheels and it ended up being too big. The top tube gets jammed up in me and I gotta be on my tippy toes :[.

Everybody tells me that I have to get a custom bike whether it be cyclocross or just a road bike because I am very short. I am 4'11" with a 26" inseam :/ I've gone to bike shops and they set me up on an Orbea (46 cm I believe) and a Trek (45cm?) but the reach was too far they said. I don't know, sometimes I feel humiliated or they just tell me to get the smallest bike they have >:.

I have been looking and wanting a custom Sweetpea or Luna bike but I haven't the money for that right now. Not anytime soon at least.

So I wanted to know if anyway could direct me about what bike I could possibly get since I am so short.

Does xxs even exist? Do I need a custom? Anything smaller than 44cm?

can you compete with 650c or 650b wheels?

I don't think I mind buying a used cx bike but I don't know yet!

I hope this was the right place to ask these questions and that I didn't leave anything out!


Kerry19762011-10-12 06:40:13 +0000 #2
I know very little here, but as a short woman (5'0") I know that Surly's come in 42cm.



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