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USGP Louisville, KY heathkubiak2011-04-26 18:25
Anyone heading to this race? Im racing saturday cat 4...I will be there with some other peeps but a
Race - September 26th; Centennial CO JennK132011-03-21 04:12
All, Im excited to be a part of this project, and pleased to announce that the City of Centennial
Cyclocross question Catrin2011-02-28 09:13
Ok, I really should not ask this question, but I am I have been reading up on Cyclocross - I ge
It's Here, It's Here, It's Here! SheFly2011-02-12 22:22
Yes, TE, there is a Santa Claus, and he brought 'cross season! I am like a 5 year old on Christmas m
Cannondale vs Scott Catherine12010-12-11 23:47
Hi everyone, New to the site-so happy to have found it! I am getting my first cross bike, and w
Cyclocross Newb Question e.e.cummings2010-12-12 08:32
Last year, I did the Le Petit Train du Nord bike path, which runs 100 km north/south in the Laurenti
specialized tricross sport triple for touring? jluscher2010-12-11 21:55
Hi, I'm looking to buy a relatively fast commuting bike to get me around the hilly, often wet
Thinking about taking the plunge absolutpetie2010-12-12 07:48
Does anyone have any ideas on where people sell used 'cross bikes? There are hardly any on eBay or c
1st race of the season already!!! Castle Rock, CO JennK132010-12-11 22:15
I just found out about this event, if anyone is interested: MEADOWS/CENTURA HEALTH CYCLOCROSS E
Geometry help please! :) Drtgirl2010-12-12 01:01
I'm going to buy a new cross bike this week. Can someone help me determine whether the Ibis Hakkalug
CX Team in Seattle area? thelawgoddess2010-12-12 03:41
I'd like to try cross this upcoming season and am wondering if there are recommends for a Seattle-ar
New to cyclocross in Denver pdxnewbie2010-12-12 02:48
Hi, I am brand new to cycling and wanted to give cyclocross a try. I was hoping someone could help
FYI: anyone looking for small cross bike..I'm selling my 47cm Jamis Nova bboston882010-12-12 03:40
WSD CX bike coming from Giant out_spokin'2010-12-12 06:04
I'm working PT at an LBS and was flipping through our new 2011 printouts -- lo and behold, the first
Women's Cyclocross Clinic -- SF Bay Area velogirl2010-04-27 06:44
If you're in the San Francisco area, Velo Girls : will again host a cyclo
Race Reports velogirl2010-04-27 07:11
Okay, here's a new thread which I'm sure will fill up as the season progresses. I've been road
I want to learn! KnottedYet2010-04-27 08:17
Who's cyclocrossing? 'fess up! Is it like the old days of mountain biking, when we had NO susp
No Excuses DH says!!!! roshelleuop2010-04-27 08:15
I started seriously cycling (road) this year and even did my first tri, so I'm addicted. But it's s
Where are you racing? velogirl2010-04-27 06:52
Okay, let's get a good thread with links for all the regional race sites started. I'm in the Sa
Charm City 'Cross race, Sunday 9/24 Kalidurga2010-04-27 06:41
Charm City Cycling: To be held at Druid Hill Park in Baltimor
Need Cyclocross Bike Recommendations for My Petite Wife! rpr2010-04-27 07:09
I can't find any cyclocross bikes for my wife. She is very petite. Any recommendations?
Charm City Cross Race report Kalidurga2010-04-27 06:56
Ok, here's the scoop on the first race of the 2006 MABRA cyclocross season (A bit long, but with pic
Folsom Rodeo Race Report E2theD2010-04-27 07:16
Velogirl and I headed out bright and early Sunday morning to our first race of the new cyclocross se
Lagoon Valley Cyclocross, 9/24 miffy'sFuji2010-04-27 06:50
I'm itching to read E2the D's ride report for this race. hint...hint She might be pretty busy
What Have I DONE???? telegirl2010-04-27 06:39
Well, I was a road rider, said that anyone who mountain biked was a FOOL - I mean who would want to
Lagoon Valley Race Report E2theD2010-04-27 06:41
I woke up bright and early Sunday morning to drive to Sacramento for the 2nd race of the series. Vel
dumb question rocknrollgirl2010-04-27 06:26
I was just looking at the pictures from the race report...Congrats byt he way...Anyway...hmm, how do
CX Race Tomorrow....and it's gonna hurt madisongrrl2010-04-27 06:08
Today was humbling....I just got done taking a CX clinic taught by Ben Turner of Cyclo-Smart. It was
Pedal Preference? telegirl2010-04-27 08:30
So I have some yelling EGG BEATERS, some SPDs, while still others are screaming SMARTYs.....anone el
Shoe Preference velogirl2010-04-27 10:00
Moving this into a new thread so it's easier for folks to find for future reference. This from
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