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Largest CX race in the world? tjf92010-04-26 21:09
...or so I'm told. I raced Portland's Cross Crusade #1 this weekend, my 4th cx race ever. There we
Swf Iso Cheap Cross Bikes meaghanlogic2010-04-26 20:36
I like long walks on the beach, beer, dirt and cyclocross. I'm looking for a dirt cheap entry into
Womens CX clinic at DCCX (DC) dc.cyclocross2010-04-26 20:23
DCCX supports women's racing with free women-only clinics and a $1000 purse (matching the men)- ple
Tell me about your first race ever! laura jane2010-04-27 01:32
I want to hear some fun 'first time' stories. I have a cyclocross itch that I can't scratch this yea
It's what? tjf92010-04-26 22:38
This weekend will be the first CX race in mud so far this year. Everyone seems really excited for t
Race Report: Derby Cup USGP Andrea2010-04-26 20:54
I went to Louisville over the weekend and raced the 3/4 race on Saturday then upgraded and entered t
cyclocross live on TV and internet papaver2010-04-26 23:28
Hey girls. As from last Sunday belgian tv is airing almost all the male pro cyclo-races in Europe. E
Dreaming of a new cross bike tjf92010-04-26 20:02
This weekend, I experienced pinch flat #2 in my short racing career. I'll definitely be running hig
Got the bike, now what... Mr. SR5002010-04-26 21:07
Picked up my Cannondale CX9 cyclocross bike, mostly stock with a couple upgrades. Aluminum frame wi
first race! lo1232010-04-26 19:36
Just did my first race today. Didn't get killed. Didn't come in last. I'm exhausted. But overall
cyclocross frame size? cantswim2010-04-26 19:39
I am 5'4" short torso/30" inseam. Any suggestions on brand and frame size for xc bike? Are there any
Fun day at the races out_spokin'2010-04-26 21:38
I'm still a was my 3rd race watching, learning, and getting psyched to try it in 2
Good intro reading? omerrick2010-04-26 20:56
Hi, I am very very new to cyclocross. I would like to get into it but am just starting out. Can an
What are your fave pedals for cross? Drtgirl2010-04-26 20:54
I've been using eggbeaters for the past 2 seasons, but I seem to always have an issue clipping in (I
CX Race report - Cross Palace, San Francisco gnat232010-04-26 20:23
How would my life be different if I had less fear? That was the thought that shot between my ea
Watched the SP in Gieten yesterday krisl62010-04-26 19:51
So I finally made it to a big cyclocross race. Unfortunately I had other commitments in the morning
Last Season Race Yesterday BikeShopGirl2010-04-26 19:19
Last night was the last local cyclocross race for the season. There is a regional one but it doesn'
US Natz SadieKate2010-04-26 19:49
Anyone coming? I need to know so I can be strategically placed for cowbell ringing. I know Renata
Watch superprestige right now papaver2010-04-26 19:17
In 15 mins... another pro race in Belgium papaver2010-04-26 20:25
You can watch it here... On your right you see LIVE IN H
Warriors of Cyclocross moderncyclista2010-04-27 00:14
Trailer for Warriors of Cyclocross film by Gizmo pictures (a friends company), shot at the cross nat
New Cyclocross bike Terry Valkerie? Tokie2010-04-26 23:44
Hi, I was just looking up Kerry Litka's blog (small thing considered) for details on her "Ghetto Cro
Specialized Tricross Geometry/Sizing... ACiveE2010-04-26 19:26
Hello Ladies... I started a thread in the newbie area and it was suggested that I look into a
Bike suggestions for first race! kermit2010-04-26 22:33
So South Florida is starting a cyclocross series. The first race is in a month and I have a steel si
Training radicalrye2010-04-26 22:52
I've been thinking about trying out cyclocross this fall 2010 and wanted to know what tips everyone
Any girls here that have experience with a compact double? melissa2010-04-26 22:11
I love the cyclocross bikes, especially the Giant TCX but it has a compact double. Am used to a trip
titanium riggert `cross frame question Mitchell2010-04-26 21:44
I have an older titanium `cross frame I picked up on ebay. It has no fancy 's' curves on the stays
Dang...I hate when my hubby is right! zoom-zoom2010-04-26 21:38
So when I first got the bug for a road bike my hubby said "ha, you're going to hate running once you
650 wheels on a cross bike? MartianDestiny2010-04-26 18:53
So I'm having a custom cross frame built so I can try out racing (it will become a light around town
REI's Pulse for 2010 Jaclyn2010-04-26 20:17
The 2010 version of the Novara Pulse is now for sale on REI's web site. It looks like they've made s
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