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K-1 Premium Dynamite!! - 12/31/2006: 'J.Z. Wants Masato In A K-1 Rules Bout!

HISTORY2010-05-15 09:29:02 +0000 #1

K-1 Dynamite!! - 12/31/2006: 'J.Z. Wants Masato In A K-1 Rules Bout!'

Submitted by: Shu Hirata

Posted On 10/18/2006

FEG 'K-1 PREMIUM 2006 Dynamite!!'

Saturday, December 31st, 2006

At Kyocera Dome Osaka, Osaka, Japan

Doors Open: TBA

Fight Starts: TBA

PIC: HERO's Supervisor Akira Maeda (left) with HERO'S middleweight champion J.Z. Cavalcanti.

Just as he said after winning HERO'S middleweight belt, J.Z. Cavalcanti expressed his ultimate goal, and that is to win both the K-1 HERO'S and K-1 MAX world titles. He injured his left fist in the battle against Caol Uno in the final of the HERO'S middleweight tournament, he wants to fight on New Year's Eve. The day after winning his first world title, J.Z. told the media, 'I want to heal my injury as quick as possible. Ever since I saw the very first K-1 MAX show, I always wanted to compete in that tournament.' J.Z. has no experience in kick boxing bouts but when he was in Holland training, he had an opportunity to work under the guidance of Mohammad Owari, and also trained with DRAGO and Melvin Manhoef.Cavalcanti's physical trainer Mack Takano added, 'I am sure he can do well in a striking bout. He is only 22 years old. Just like my old student BJ Penn, he has got a good natural sense with striking.' Then J.Z. followed, 'I would fight in any rules. On New Year's Eve, I would like to take on Masatoor Kid Yamamoto, the fighters I respect a lot.'

HERO'S broadcast of the October 9th show, on TBS (channel 6), scored an average rating of 14.6 % and that is second highest in this spot next to a very popular detective drama 'Ninzaburo Furuhata' so it is a good result. However, the highest flash rating of 20.6% was scored during Ken Kaneko's bout so the general public is still more interested in an actor trying out MMA than real professional MMA fighters competing.

yujishimada2010-05-15 09:38:12 +0000 #2
Kinda reminds me of Ramon Dekker in an MMA match.. out of his element.. quick win for Genki Sudo. I would like to see JZ in a k-1 match and Masato in an MMA match both.



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