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The Legal Battle - K-1 vs. Sapp and K-1 .vs. Melendez

HISTORY2010-05-15 09:37:45 +0000 #1

Legal Battle - K-1 vs. Sapp & K-1 vs. Melendez!

Submitted by: Shu Hirata

Posted On 10/16/2006

PIC: FEG head Sadaharu Tanikawa (right) and K-1 legal representative Atsushi Igarashi.

On the night of October 10th, a press release, written only in Japanese, from Michael Connette, was sent to selected medias in Japan. The release stated that his client, Bob Sapp, is now accepting offers from the other promotions because Sapp did not get any response from K-1 in regards to the contract cancellation notice Sapp sent to K-1 back in August 16th, therefore, as of October 1st, Sapp has decided to open his door to every possibility. In this release, Connette also listed the other breaches that led Sapp to cancel the contract including an issue of some of Sapp's fee being unpaid till this date.

The next morning, after receiving the release, FEG head Sadaharu Tanikawa and his legal man, Atsushi Igarashi from TM Law Office, held a press conference in Tokyo, and announced that Kei Wan, Inc, (K-1) the signer of Sapp's contract is going forward with a law suit against Sapp. On top of this, Tanikawa denied all alleged breaches, and also revealed that K-1, in fact, has responded to Sapp, in writing, about this cancelation matter. Then Tanikawa emphasized that an exclusive contract between K-1 and Sapp is still valid so any organization that approaches Sapp would have to face a legal issue with K-1. Then Tanikawa gave details about current communications with Sapp, 'After his birthday(9/21), one of our staff who is close to Sapp placed a call to congratulate him. Then Sapp said that in November, he is planning to fight in this pro-wrestling promotion in Japan, then on New Year's Eve, he is going to fight in this MMA show organized by this pro-wrestling promotion. So I have already sent three certified mails to this pro-wrestling promotion but no response till now.'

At the end, Tanikawa also revealed that K-1 has filed a law suit against Gilbert Melendez. According to Tanikawa, K-1 signed an exclusive contract with Melendez including his participation in the HERO'S middleweight tournament that began on May 3rd. This law suit was already filed before Gilbert made his PRIDE Bushido debut on August 26th. Gilbert is confirmed to fight in Bushido show on November 5th so apparently K-1 is looking for a compensation for loss instead of the preliminary injunction.

GST2010-05-15 09:48:33 +0000 #2

Either Sapp is recieving some bad advice or K-1 is suffering from financial issues.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.



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